Five Cardi B Looks That Made Us Say, “Okurrrr!”

From her Coachella performance to news of her pregnancy, Cardi B is blowing up the internet right now. So let’s celebrate by taking a look at her past AND present looks, because they are really worth talking about, okurrrr? Without further ado, here are some of our favorite looks from Cardi!


Performance at E11EVEN MIAMI

Frills and thrills…its safe to say that this look has us feeling some type of way. The pink eyeshadow that fades into silver is so fun and bold, and that full set of lashes emphasize the colors too. We love how her blonde waves compliment that rosy lipstick in all the right ways.


Photo via The Blast

60th Annual GRAMMY Awards

Ok… how amazing does Cardi look in white?! The messy bun trend is in full effect here and it is KILLER. Her shimmery, metallic eye shadow and full lashes give her eyes that perfect pop! And that nude, matte lip ties the entire look together.

Alexander Wang Fashion Show

Cardi wasn’t kidding about making money moves. The leather turban here is such a statement and those hoops are sassy yet sophisticated. Her metallic eyeshadow and nude lip accentuate each other so well, we don’t mind seeing the combo again.

Photo via The Daily Mail

67th NBA All-Star Game

This has to be one of our favorites. Her half-up-half-down hairstyle is so effortlessly chic. Those red, triangle retro glasses are a WHOLE mood and we are definitely feeling it. Oh and the glossy lip… such a perfect finish!

Photo via BET

2018 iHeartRadio Music Awards

If there was an award for hiding a pregnancy, Cardi would have won that one too. The glow is SO real here! Her sleek, shoulder length bob looks great and so does the gold and silver eyeshadow combo. This look makes us just as happy, Cardi.

Photo via PopSugar

Coachella 2018

Did we not mention how much we love her in white? The TLC-inspired look is just the icing on the cake! Pig tails and side bangs are everything about the 1990’s that we loved. The silver face jewels are so fashionable and just scream Coachella!

Photo via The Hollywood Reporter


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