Who will win American Beauty Star?

You decide who the winner is of American Beauty Star, Season 2!


It’s your turn to judge. Make your voice heard and cast your vote for the winner of American Beauty Star, Season 2! All will be revealed in our LIVE finale episode on March 27th.

Voting is now open – and you have the entire week to vote! The polls will close 30 minutes into the finale episode, at 10:30pm EST on March 27th.

Make your vote count:

There are 3 different ways to vote for the next American Beauty Star:

Visit us! Head to americanbeautystar.com/vote

Tweet us! Vote for your fave using one of the following hashtags on Twitter:




Text us! Text  “Axel,” “Diana,” or “Lucy” to 1 (844) 658-STAR.

Need to catch up on season 2?

Click here to watch full episodes of American Beauty Star Season 2.


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  1. Traci Allison

    I absolutely love Lucy!! Her look’s have been incredible. She’s definitely the winner in my book.

    • March 23, 2019

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