Beauty Bosses You Need To Know About

Beauty is a MAJOR business that is being shaped by some of the most innovative minds of our time and it’s no surprise that most of them are women. These leading ladies are not only redefining the way we see beauty, but they are inspiring the next generation of girl bosses to dream beyond what they see and dominate in their chosen career paths. Take a look at some of the girl bosses who are inspiring us right now.

We are absolutely in love with beauty boss Jen Atkin. This celebrity hairstylist turned business owner is “Ouai” ahead of her time. Not only is she the stylist to stars such as Kim Kardashian, Jessica Alba, Katy Perry and Sofia Vergara, but she is also the creator of a lifestyle inspired hair care line with a major cult following. The packaging is flawless and so is the voice behind the brand. Jen’s goal was to inspire women to live an effortlessly chic life with a line that covers your essential hair care needs and she has done just that. Now you can find Ouai products in Sephora stores worldwide, plus she recently launched a fragrance line to add to the brand.

Another one of our favorite ladies is the Founder and CEO of Into The Gloss and Glossier, Emily Weiss. Honestly, where do we even begin with this woman? She’s created a widely successful beauty website joining the ranks of PopSugar and Refinery29, but her makeup line Glossier has become a force to be reckoned with as well. Glossier’s most recent campaign, “Body Hero” celebrated women of all different shapes and sizes and went viral across social media. What can we say, Emily knows what women want to see and she’s amazing at executing her vision.

We’re just going to assume that everyone has heard about the makeup sensation, ColourPop. The successful company was founded by siblings Laura and John Nelson in 2014 and has been breaking barriers ever since. The line made its debut solely on social media four years ago and gained crazy momentum from its amazing celebrity makeup collabs and influencer endorsements. They are a true testament of how a company can leverage social media to work in their favor and build an iconic brand.


Kristin Ess is another celebrity hairstylist who is changing the hair game by making affordable hair care products that make every women feel like they are getting the star treatment. She officially released the Kristin Ess haircare line last year at Target stores worldwide and has become an at home favorite for many. Not to mention, the packaging is super chic and the products smells like luxury. I mean, who doesn’t want their hair to feel and smell like Kristin’s celebrity clients Lauren Conrad and Lucy Hale?

Beauty Guru, Sal Ali has been in the game for years, but just recently made her debut as a beauty entrepreneur. She has been gracing our Instagram timelines for years with kooky beauty hacks and flawless makeup tutorials gaining a following of over 5 million beauty enthusiast, which was the perfect platform to start her business Farsali. After developing her first Farsali elixir, Sal started using it in her Instagram videos and the product quickly became a favorite among beauty influencers worldwide landing a spot on the shelves of Sephora.



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