Becky With The Good Hair Takes On Beautycon

Becky Meets Beautycon:

Beautycon was this past weekend and you better know that I, Becky, was there flaunting my good hair! Now, tickets are wickedly expensive but us here at American Beauty Star were extremely fortunate to be given press passes! Press passes I tell you! I’ve never felt more like an adult. Anyways before I begin to tear up, I made it my main mission to take this opportunity to share my gathered intel on the event with all of you Babes! Let’s just say, that’s how much I love you all.

Sure, everyone will tell you all they want about what an unreal experience Beautycon is (and that’s true), but I’m here to tell you all of the crucial info that Instagram models won’t. The real stuff.

I’m gonna give you the whole lowdown, so that you can survive the many boys and girls willing to trample you if it gets them the newest eyeliner. Thus, this marks the beginning of Becky With The Good Hair spilling some good ole tea!

Let’s take a walk in my red heels now shall we?


(Photo by Michael Bezjian/Getty Images for BeautyCon)

How It All Began:

It was June 13th, the day before Beautycon began, and us here at the office were beyond stoked! Well, I was specifically stoked. Our boss had just told us that we would be able to attend both days of Beautycon with VIP tickets! I felt like I was on Oprah as he pointed to each of us going, “You get a VIP ticket!” and  “You get a VIP ticket!” Let me tell you this straight… Becky loves some good Oprah!

He then proceeded to tell us how last year there was no coworker who came back empty handed from the event. In fact, just the opposite! Each one went home from Beautycon with a bag so full of free beauty goodies that they could’ve been confused as Santa Clause. Now regardless of your religion, everyone knows that Santa Clause is the absolute man.

So with learning all of this, how could we not be ultra pumped?!

My Babes, Becky With The Good Hair has good hair for a reason, so I couldn’t wait to expand on all of the hair products I would be bringing home the next day!

Besides getting lots of loot, we’d get special access to the room where all of the hottest celebs would hang in. Well, I mean for press reasons, but hey it counts. I got home from work that night and couldn’t stop thinking about all of the questions I was going to ask the celebs I’d get to interview! They seemed to range from: “What are your favorite three makeup products?” to asking Riverdale star Camila Mendes, “Is KJ Apa single?”

Nevertheless, I was filled with opportunity and joy. I set my white dress with the cherries on it aside,  got into bed, set my alarm for 8 am (which is totally gross, but worth it), and closed my eyes with a smile on my face.

The Morning Of Beautycon:

When I heard Evanescense blaring Bring Me To Life out of my bedazzled IPhone X, I knew it was time to get up. Obviously I first began my morning by splashing some cold water onto my face (decreases puffiness), and speedily whipped up a latte with two sugars to really get my blood pumping!

I grabbed my mermaid sequined makeup bag and ran 200mph to my bathroom, well at least close to that speed. Now, if you’re thinking about going to Beautycon without both your hair and makeup done, then it’s best you rip up your tickets now because that’s just morally incorrect.

*Cue Spongebob’s “two hours later”*

Luckily I finished my glam look with a record time of only 2 hours, and headed out the door by around 10:30.

I know you’re probably thinking that I messed up my math, but I didn’t. I promise. If I’m being honest, I spent 10-10:30, learning Drake’s new In My Feelings dance… I’m not proud.

When I Got To Beautycon:

I pulled up to the LA Convention Center, already seeing the miles and miles of people lined up outside, and all I thought was, “did I unplug my straightening iron?”

Parking has always been a difficult task for me, considering I barely passed my driver’s test. Sure, I may have skimmed a cone (boo-hoo), but at least it wasn’t a person right? Wrong. With this said, I wasn’t about to try the whole parallel parking thing. Lucky for me, I found a parking lot located directly underneath the center. Well for $20 that is…

Honestly Babes, besides that knock off handbag I once bought on the New York City sidewalk (you know what I’m talking about), this was the best $20 I’ve ever spent. It was so worth it, I’m telling you! When you go to Beautycon please don’t waste your time and gas by looking around for parking and just suck up paying the $20. It saves you a headache, and your feet will thank you later.

Will Call Mishap:

I exited my little, cute Mini Cooper car named Sheila, walked up a few steps, and voila I was instantly in the center of the Convention! It was that easy! I skipped over to will call with (at this point my cold) coffee in hand and my fanny pack on. There I met up with my fabulous coworkers and the rest of my excitement really began to kick in!

Hmm…I spoke a bit too soon. When I got there I found out that the six tickets we were told we were getting, turned out to be only four! So like most mature adults do in this situation, we played a game of “noses” to determine who the four would be. Needless to say, I rule at that game.

But not only did we have a ticket mishap, they weren’t VIP either! My dreams of Kim Kardashian adopting me had been crushed, and at this point I wasn’t okay.

Still though, I had to push through my tears, (mostly because I didn’t want my mascara to run), and put on my game face. My Kindergarten teacher always taught us that from the bad, comes the good. Gosh, I loved kindergarten.

On the bright side, these press passes still let us skip the line. So of course I was strutting up to that metal detector my Babes! Now very important: make sure you have your bags already open before getting to the bag check, or else you will have to listen to the staff say “have your bags open” a thousand and two times (I counted). I’m telling ya, I still have nightmares of this being said over and over again on repeat in my head.

Anyways, once we got to the top of the steps,  I was in complete awe. The amount of colors, beauty brand signs, and people was honestly so unbelievable. There was even an amazing sign by the entrance that read…

…when I saw the “All Unicorns” I knew I was good to enter. As my foot crossed the entry line, I promise you I have never seen but more-so heard that many screaming girls since Justin Bieber’s Believe Tour in 2012, when I had also been one of them. So if you’re not good with loud, annoying noises, may I suggest earplugs?

The Actual Event:

My fellow co worker royalty and I hit the main floor and immediately got to business. Our amazing cameraman was lugging his equipment back and forth within crowds of women who were showing no mercy. I mean I offered to help him carry it all, but I’m not gonna lie I wasn’t upset when he dismissed my request, because Babes… these nails are acrylic.

We met some amazing influencers throughout the day who I’m seriously thinking are going to be the next big thing, since me! We took some videos, asked some questions, and that pretty much became our day. I was still feeling extremely hopeful in grabbing some of those free samples by the time we packed up and left though.

Well, silly Becky, Trix Are For Kids, because I was not a happy clam to learn that these free samples aren’t actually free! Yes, they are discounted and sure that’s fantastic and all, but please there was no way I was gonna wait in any of  those long lines after being on my feet all day. All I was left with by the end of the day was a purple lipstick. Purple is so not my color.

So newsflash, if you want some free goodies, you’re gonna have to upgrade your ticket, unless you actually have patience unlike me, then just wait in the lines. A General Access (one day) ticket costs about $50 and it basically just gets you into the event. The ticket that’s a step up is called the Hauler ticket and it costs more than double that of the General Access ticket, but with this you get to skip lines, early access to the event, and a bag full of goodies!

Beautycon Lesson #1:

Make sure to BRING a reusable water bottle!! There are scattered water fountains all around the Convention Center that you should definitely utilize, unlike what I did! I was too focused on putting on my false lashes, that I forgot my cute, pink water bottle at home. Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad I killed the eyelash game, but needless to say I was panting after walking for a good five minutes (Becky doesn’t do exercise). So I’m basically here to tell you for once, to not be like me. I had to spend $6 on a water bottle, when that $6 could have gone towards my next nail appointment!

So don’t be all what the hecky and end up like Becky, ya know what I’m saying? No? Honestly me neither.

To quench your taste buds after a nice, cold sip of H20, bring snacks! If you appreciate food as much as I do, then you better pack some of that good good. There are a bunch of fun food trucks outside, but again, the lines are outrageous. Wouldn’t you rather take the extra time to hustle your favorite beauty influencer instead?… I mean I’m just sayin’.  Also, talk about cha ching, cha ching! I knew baseball game hot dogs were expensive, but then I was introduced to Beautycon tacos.

Beautycon Lesson #2:

I cannot express enough to wear comfortable shoes. Beauty is pain, yeah sure- but Lordy, it shouldn’t have to be! You should be able to look great but also feel great, darnit! I don’t know how I was thinking that putting on my red heels that morning would lead to a successful day for myself. Did I look amazing? Always. Still, I would’ve looked just as cute in my red converse and my feet would still want to talk to me. Please just take my advice and wear sneakers or shoes that you don’t mind running around in. If you don’t listen to this, well Babes can’t say I didn’t warn ya!

Beautycon Lesson #3:

It was hotter than the Devil’s bottom in that Convention Center. It was 90 degrees outside, yet when I exited the event, I was cooled down. That just ain’t right.

I slayed a spaghetti strap dress, and yet I was still putting up a sweat! My coworker wasn’t as lucky as me, since she was in a long-sleeved black blouse and to make matters even worse- PANTS! Minutes into the day, her hair (which she spent hours putting curls into), became more of a Khloe Kardashian wet-haired look.

So Babes, wear something sweat absorbent (woahhh girls sweat?! Groundbreaking news), and may I even suggest to not wear long sleeves, long pants, or really anything long in general! Take it from me, have I, Becky With The good Hair, ever steered you wrong? Didn’t think so.

A Final Note:

With all of this said, Beautycon was a fun-filled time, and I enjoyed every second of jumping up in the air to try and catch a glimpse of the top of Drew Barrymore’s head.

I definitely recommend experiencing this event at least once in your life if the beauty world is your forte. I only suggest going though, if you plan on following my tip list. If you don’t, then boy oh boy are you in for a sweaty and dehydrated treat!

More to come soon my beautiful Babes! I’ll be counting down the milliseconds until I get to speak to you next.


Becky With The Good Hair


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