5 Beauty Trends That Are Easy To Recreate

Easy Beauty Trends

1. Tease Me

Source: Ultra Linx

Spotted in a Chanel fashion show in the fall of 2017, is proof enough that pairing an embellished hair band with perfectly pumped hair is a timeless look.

To get this look start with dry hair, gather the hair at the crown of your head, hold it straight up, spray Raise the Root by Color Wow and grab a round bristle brush. Gently brush your hair from the ends down towards your head creating a nest. Continue this move until you reach the front of your head spraying with your favorite hairspray and smoothing the nest as you go. Once your hair is all teased apply your headband and smooth the pump once again.


2. Monochromatic Mama

Source: Potpourri for Whatever

Might you be wondering what the term monochromatic means? In the beauty world this technique is recognized as a harmonious combo of a coordinated color all around your face. For a well-balanced look, simply stick to one color range for eyes, lips and cheeks that works well with your skin tone. We are loving the Take Me Home Eye Shadow Palette to help recreate this look. 

  1. Rosy Flush

Source: Olivia Locher

Grandma ever pinch your cheeks? The rosy flush look is actually a beauty trend that looks good on everyone and brings life to your face! The best way to apply this look is to sweep two different rose colored blushes across the cheeks. One of our favorite blushes is the Bobby Brown Blush Duo! The brighter most dramatic color brush across the high points and the more neutral tone use to blend on the lower cheek.


  1. Luscious Beach Waves

Source: Vogue

We can’t always be sipping pina coladas on a tropical island somewhere while feeling a warm breeze on our skin but creating beachy waves are a way to relive those sweet memories. There are a few tips that makes this look achievable by anyone and you can start by applying some Thermafuse mouse to add more volume to your mane. Make sure to divide your hair into sections before curling with a hot iron and then begin curling only the middle portions of your hair strands. Do not curl the ends. After all is curled lift your hair away from your face and rub your fingers through your roots. The goal is to not look perfect! You can finish the look off with the Oaui Wave Spray.


  1. Bold Lips

Source: ImaxTree

Sometimes all it takes to make a fabulously bold statement is an intense lip. Before applying any color first make sure your lips are smooth and moist by gliding on our favorite lip balm, Smith’s Rosebud Salve. If you want to avoid constantly needing to re-apply, we recommend starting with the Golden Rose Lip Stain in your finished look color.  Now it’s time to apply. If you want the most pigmented version of the color apply the lipstick directly from the tube and pat down with an oil absorbing pad to finish off the look. Smooch!



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