How To Get Beyoncé’s Iconic Makeup Look From Coachella

Over the weekend, Beyoncé completely rocked all of our lives at Coachella. Not only was her performance magnificent, but her beauty was out of this world. Paying homage to Spike Lee’s classic movie “School Dayz”, Bey took the stage with flawless skin and glittery lids in true college girl style.

Creator of Beyoncé’s makeup look and mentor to the American Beauty Star series, Sir John described her look as “the coolest girl on campus, meets Greek goddess,” and we are in complete agreement. Here are all of the products you need to get this cool girl look –

For Body

Sir John recently told Elle Magazine, “My new favorite product is ALLEVEN London Color Shield, it is a super lightweight aerosol airbrush body concealer. It literally looks like your skin is HD, airbrushed without it being too obvious. I sprayed the shade Amber all over her body 30 minutes before she got dressed, with a focus on legs and cleavage. I also gave her face a light spray as it really evens out the complexion. It’s so lightweight, it doesn’t even look like makeup. The great thing about this product is it doesn’t transfer. So, when she’s changing her clothes so many times it doesn’t come off in between.”


For Foundation

Contrary to what many may think, Beyoncé’s flawless foundation was less than $25! Sir swears by RCMA’s Color Process Foundation and says it is the only thing that will last onstage. Another pro-tip Sir taught us was that you should skip moisturizer if you want your foundation to last longer.

For Eyes

Bey’s glittery eyelids were no doubt the star of the show and Sir John said he mixed multiple glitters from Lemonhead to get the perfect concoction. Before applying the glitters he used a terra-cotta eye shadow as the base of the eye look. He also finished up the look with MAC’s Fluid Eyeliner and Lash Paradise Mascara from L’oreal Paris.

For Bronzer

To give the queen beautifully bronzed definition, Sir John used Tom Ford’s Bronzing Powder to give even more structure to her face. Bronzer is also great for enriching the skin tone to give the appearance of sun-kissed skin.

For Lips

To stick with Bey’s college girl vibe, Sir John chose a soft pink lip to keep the attention on the eyes. One of Sir’s favorite lip products is the L’oreal Paris’ Pro Last Lip Color because it stays put all night long.

We can’t wait to see what Queen B will rock for weekend 2 of Beychella!


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