How To Keep Your Makeup On During A Heatwave


Even though it’s 80 degrees outside, it feels as if you’re in a sauna…uh-oh you begin to feel the sweat beads forming! You had just put on a fresh face of glam makeup that took you over an hour to do, and now it has begun to melt away, ugh. So what do you do? Well, first things first, you’ll probably shed a tear or two. You shouldn’t have to though, and we’re here to tell you why.

There are so many simple solutions and steps that you can take to avoid this very unfortunate scenario! So don’t fret, because soon enough you’ll be saying goodbye to the sweat!


Everyone meet primer, primer meet everyone. We know that you two just met, but we can already see a beautiful relationship forming. You two should definitely get to know each other a bit more.

Primer is amazing and super easy to apply! All you do is take a little of the product and really rub it into your skin! It’s put on before your makeup, which keeps your makeup long-lasting. You should really give primer a big hug, because it’s a key factor in preventing your makeup from sweating off.

Less Is More

We understand how fabulous a full face of makeup can make you feel; however, on a day where you know that you’ll be spending the majority of your time basking in the sun, we suggest that you keep your makeup minimal. We recommend sticking to a tinted moisturizer with SPF protection, and steering away from powders during those hot, sunny days. Powders tend to seep into your face when it gets oily from sweat, creating more of an emphasis on your pores. An SPF tinted moisturizer on the other hand looks a lot more natural and protects your skin from the sun’s harmful rays. Great deal, right? It’s a two in one special, the Olive Garden of makeup you could even say.

No Shine Needed

A natural glow is great and all, but when your whole face is iridescent, that’s another story. Blotting papers are the biggest thing since sliced bread, and they should really become more utilized. You can pick up a pack of them most likely from your nearest convenience store, and we guarantee that they will do wonders for you. When you feel a bit of sweat, just blot your skin gently with one of those savory papers and ta-da! You definitely want to keep a nice summer glow going, but you don’t want to be shiny to the point where people know it’s not your highlight but your sweat.

Waterproof Makeup

There are waterproof versions of most makeup products, thank goodness. Waterproof makeup is truly the perfect solution in many situations – watching The Notebook, a first date where the guy takes you swimming (joke’s on them), and for those extra sweaty days. If you want to try and avoid your makeup running, then this is the fix for you. It’s especially helpful when it comes to wearing colored makeup. The last thing you want is your red lipstick running down your lips, let’s save the Joker for Batman! Keep in mind that waterproof products, especially mascaras, tend to include harsher ingredients (that’s how they last so long!) so it’s best to use them occasionally, rather than every day.

Hopefully these tips can help you avoid running to the bathroom every 5 minutes to fix your makeup.  We’ve all been there, and that’s why it’s best we try to prevent these moments from happening in the future. Now you’ll always look great and feel great too!


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