How To Get Plumper Lips Without Getting Lip Fillers

There are endless reasons why a person might be opposed to getting lip fillers. For starters, the cost. Lip fillers don’t come cheap, and with something that will be as out in the open as this, you need to find a place that does it right. The other big reason is that needles are terrifying. As much as people want to work their inner Kylie Jenner, there’s a myriad of reasons why they might not want lip fillers. Luckily there are always shortcuts in the beauty world, and that’s what we’re here for! Below are some tricks and tips to enhance your lips without any needles or a huge price tag.


Concealer does exactly what it says – it conceals blemishes and other troublesome spots. Did you know that you can conceal your lips too? Well, now you do! Just put some of that concealer onto your lips, to the point where they basically blend in with the rest of your face. Once you complete this step, apply your lipliner onto the outer lines of your lips, which allows you to draw your lips bigger than they actually are. Fake it till you make it, right?!

Lip Lining

To add to the above tip, you can use a lip liner that is a bit darker than your lipstick, to really add emphasis and give your pout some extra volume. Then, as stated above, line a bit over your lip line to give the illusion that they are bigger. Be careful it’s not too far off or too obvious, because then it just looks silly.

Lip Plumping Gloss

These lip plumping glosses can be found at most makeup stores and were created with the purpose to, obviously, “plump lips.” These glosses contain hyaluronic acid which hydrates your lips while also delivering a plumping effect. These glosses usually tingle a bit because, as strange as it sounds, they purposely irritate your lips in order to enlarge them, giving the illusion that they are plumper and larger than they actually are.

Wear Light Colored Lip Tones

Strangely enough, dark colored hues tend to make your lips look flatter than they actually are. That being said, wear nudes and light shades of lip colors if you’re trying to make your lips look bigger.

Keep your Lips Smooth

Break out that chapstick ladies and gents, because the smoother your lips are, the more that the light reflects off of them. The more light that reflects off of them, the fuller they look. Also, let’s be real… crusty lips are a huge no no. People probably never think of this, but it’s real, so keep those lips nice and smooth! You can ace this method simply by using a toothbrush to brush all of the gross, dead skin particles off of your lips. This will also add a little redness to the tone of them too, double victory!


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