Job Interview Makeup: Put Your Best Face Forward

It’s graduation season and a new wave of young adults are getting ready to take on the job market. The only thing more important than your graduation day glam is the makeup you wear to job interviews. First impressions mean a lot, and you definitely want to start off on the right foot.

A good rule of thumb for job interview makeup is too keep it soft and natural. While we love the self expression makeup can provide, it’s better to blend in at a job interview. You want potential employers to remember you by your skills and resumé, rather than your makeup look. Of course, you most likely know who you’ll be meeting with and what the vibe of the office is, so you can tailor your look to fit your audience. Whether you’re an artist, writer, barista or businessperson these tips will help you nail your interview look. Feel free to add your own person touches, of course.

Use Primer

The day of a job interview can be hectic, so it’s important to take the necessary steps to maintain the longevity of your look. A good primer and some setting spray are an absolute must!

Bring Loose Powder

Interviews can be nerve-racking, causing you to stress sweat. To avoid looking greasy and sweaty, bring some loose powder to soak up the excess moisture. Pro tip: don’t just bring translucent powder, instead opt for something with some pigment incase your nerves cause redness as well.

Use Natural Tones

Instead of a vibrant, colorful eyeshadow look you should opt for natural, earthy tones. You certainly have the freedom to express yourself, but if you want your interviewer to remember you because of your skill set, experience and personality, it’s best to go with natural tones that don’t stand out too much. Using shadows with a matte finish will give you the perfect ‘no makeup, makeup‘ look.

Skip the False Lashes

The last thing you want is to be worried about your appearance during an interview, and fake eyelashes can shift or the glue could wear off.. it would be mortifying if your lashes fell off the first time you’re meeting a potential employer. Forget about the fake eyelash anxiety and instead go for a waterproof mascara. You won’t have to worry about anything smudging, shifting or wearing off. That being said, if you truly can’t live without your falsies, check out this ‘no lash, lash‘ tutorial from American Beauty Star Season 1 contestant Catherine Shim.

Now you’re ready to put your best face forward and slay that interview!



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