Katy Perry Has A New Cat Inspired Lip Gloss For Every Mood

Calling all cat lovers! Katy Perry just released her brand new Katy Kat Lip Gloss collection with Covergirl! The collection includes 12 amazing shades ranging from muted nudes to an electric indigo gloss and we feel like there’s a shade to go with each one of our moods. Keep reading to see which gloss you need to buy based on how you’re feeling right now –

Feeling Relaxed -“Cateloupe”


Feeling Flirty – “Pounce”

Feeling Ready for Girl’s Night – “Kitty Karma”


Feeling Romantic – “Ninth Life”


Feeling Adventurous – “Cobalt Kitty”

Feeling Mysterious – “Indigo Cat”

Feeling “Happy” – Tabby Tease

Which one is your favorite so far? Leave us your comments down below.




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