The DIY Nail Art You Need For Memorial Day

Memorial Day is the perfect time to express your pride and admiration for your country. From eagles to stars and stripes, there are so many ways to get creative. Nail art is one of the best ways to express yourself, so in the spirit of Memorial Day here is some inspiration to get you going. Your nails say a lot about you, and we love what these have to say!

Stars and Stripes


It’s Memorial Day… and you can’t go wrong with stars and stripes. The hand-painted white stars on that metallic blue polish is quite patriotic and we are here for it.

French Manicure- US Edition


If you like the stars and stripes, but are looking for an alternative design, go for a french tip! The red and white tips make this look classy and fun. Yes, you can do a french tip at home, just buy press ons and paint them over!

All About Eagles


If you have longer nails, use the extra space wisely! The national bird is so appropriate for the occasion and look at the detail…it’s so well done. This one may take a little more time to do but totally worth it.

Barbecue Chic


The long weekend usually involves picnics and barbecues, so why not add some hotdogs and hamburgers to your nails? This is a super cute look, and we love all the festive colors.

Star Spangled Nails


If you’d rather skip the mess and keep it simple, go with pressed on designs like these! We are loving this chic look, and it’s super easy to achieve.

The products below will help you recreate these patriotic nail art designs. Happy Memorial Day, Beauties!


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