This Beauty Blogger Is Here To Educate You On Makeup Inclusivity

Nyajal is a South Sudanese Beauty and Lifestyle Blogger. As MelaninRichNyajal on YouTube, she has over 22,000 subscribers. She posts tutorials that emphasize inclusivity in the beauty industry. We got in touch with Nyajal and here is what she had to say…

How did you come up with your YouTube channel name, MelaninRichNyajal?

I think somewhere online I saw someone say “melanin rich” and I hadn’t heard that term before, so after I saw it I was like, ‘woah this totally describes me!’ I’m melanin rich in my skin tone and everything like that. I just loved how it sounded. I also wanted to use my actual first name as well. At first it was just Melanin Rich on YouTube, and then I added Nyajal because I wanted to have it be distinguished from the rest, once ‘melanin rich’ became so popular to use. I thought it was something that described me, it was creative, and it kind of just stuck after a while.

If you had to choose an overall message that your channel is trying to convey, what would it be?

My channel is something for the everyday girl. Somebody who loves things like makeup, beauty, anything lifestyle related, really. In particular, I wanted to have content for people who don’t always have access to content like mine, as far as products that match their skin tone go. I wanted a channel or something that could be beneficial to somebody else who might have a similar skin tone to mine and still make it fun, so I was open to a variety of things. I don’t really try to follow a particular theme, it’s more so the things that I enjoy, which happen to help people because there aren’t a lot of girls with my skin tone out there. Making sure it remains really authentic to me is important.

Would you say that your platform is a space to celebrate inclusivity in beauty?

Yes, definitely.

How do you get ready to shoot a video?

Usually throughout the week I’m thinking, ‘what do I want to film?,’ and it’s kind of hard for me because I go off of what feels right at the time. I don’t really like to plan for a particular video because I want to enjoy myself when I’m filming, so that it shows when I’m on video. Usually on Wednesdays I try to do a beauty video, and it’s kind of whatever comes to mind. If I’m thinking I want to do beauty, then I’ll think of the type of beauty I want to do… Do I want to review concealers? Do I want to do a makeup look? Then, once I sit down, I have the general idea of what look I want to do, but I don’t plan the products I’m going to use. Once I’m in front of my little recording table, I just kind of freestyle the look from there, but I do usually have an idea of what type of look I want to do.

What’s one beauty trend you’ll never get tired of?

Hmmm, I’ve got to think about that one.

You know there’s all those crazy eyebrow trends, some people are super into highlighters or different lip looks…

I think one thing that I’ll probably never stop doing is pairing concealer with foundation. I never used to do that, and I think that’s a little bit newer, you know, with like setting and using concealer all the time to brighten up the face. I think that’s something that I’ll always do, ‘cause different lip looks and eye looks change throughout time, but your base is what carries over no matter what.

If you had the chance to collaborate with another YouTuber, who would it be?

Hmm, I think I would want to collab with Jackie Aina, ‘cause she’s just so fun whenever she’s recording her videos. I feel like it’d be a really good time. Also Nyma Tang, who I actually have collaborated with before, right when her channel started to get big. Since that’s someone that I personally know, I think it’d be nice to do more collaborations on YouTube… Yeah, probably those two.

What is one makeup ‘faux-pas’ or ‘don’t’ that you’re guilty of doing?

Sometimes, when I decide to do blush, I kind of use too much, haha. And it’s not natural for somebody of my skin tone to really blush, so literally I don’t need to use too much. I’ve caught myself doing it because I like how the color looks, but realistically it’s probably not, [laughter] I probably shouldn’t use as much as I do sometimes.

Your skin is so gorgeous, and I’m sure everyone wants to know, do you have a daily skincare routine?

Making sure that makeup is wiped off my face every single day so I don’t sleep with makeup on, because I realized my face will breakout. I don’t just use a makeup wipe, I have to go in with a daily facial cleanser. I don’t really have a particular one, I just need something to wash my face with. And then moisturizing every single day… I moisturize every morning and every night.


Is there any advice you would give to people interested in becoming beauty YouTubers or Influencers?

I would say do it because you really love it. Don’t do it because it’s what everyone is doing these days. You never know who’s watching you and you can really end up being an inspiration to somebody without knowing it. If you’re doing something just to do it, you don’t really know the impact that it’s having on somebody else. Just make sure you do it because you love it. And then another big thing would be consistency. Stay consistent. You’re not always going to see growth overnight, and you might not become, like, a superstar popular YouTuber, but if you enjoy it at the foundation of it, then your channel will go far and you will have fun doing it. And you learn a lot.

We couldn’t agree more, just do what you love and inspire others while you’re at it! Thanks for the tips, Nyajal.


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