Our Favorite Instagram Looks From Ashley Graham

If you haven’t already heard, Ashley Graham will be hosting Season 2 of American Beauty Star, and we are overjoyed to welcome her to the family! The supermodel, body activist, and entrepreneur is constantly pushing boundaries by questioning the stereotypical beauty standards of females in the modeling industry and beyond. She is a leading force that is revolutionizing the meaning of beauty, and we couldn’t be happier to work alongside her.

To celebrate, we want to share some of our favorite hair and makeup looks from the stunning Ashley Graham. There were too many gorgeous looks to choose from, which made this a difficult task, but we did our best.

Look 1:

Ashley had us absolutely speechless at the 2018 Met Gala. Her optimistic personality was shining through the glistening gold eyeshadow. Her straightened, shoulder-length hair was different than her usual hairstyle, proving that Ashley can really pull off anything.

Photo via Instagram/AshleyGraham

 Look 2:

Ashley’s luscious hair truly makes our jaws drop! Girl, what volumizing hair product do you use? Whatever it is, we want it! Ashley gave us major Jessica Rabbit vibes in this Insta, and we’re so here for it.

Photo via Instagram/AshleyGraham

Look 3:

This look of Ashley’s is so unbelievably beautiful. She has such a natural glow to her and how adorable are those freckles?! This picture really makes us realize how gorgeous a toned-down makeup look can be, encouraging us to let our natural beauty shine!

Photo via Instagram/AshleyGraham

Look 4:

The eyes truly are the window to the soul and in Ashley’s case…she’s making them smokey! She absolutely killed this awesome eye look. All of the different eyeshadow pigments blended together create such a unique look that’s perfectly balanced by her nude lipstick.

Photo via Instagram/AshleyGraham

Look 5:

How cool is this look! First of all, check out those rosy cheeks and that highlight. Brilliant! Now, we have to acknowledge this eye look. Wow. Our dear friends, eyeliner can create some unreal trends! She’s rocking a double “cat eye” kind of look. A bit of white pigment was incorporated into this eye look to give it that final WOW factor. Pro tip: if you ever want your eyes to appear larger than they actually are, this look is for you!

Photo via Instagram/AshleyGraham

Ashley is taking the world by storm, and all we can say is thank you for simply being you!


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