The Best Playlist To Get Ready To

First Things First, I’m the realest (realest), Becky With The Good Hair let the whole world feel this (feel this). And I’m still in the makeup business, I can teach you how to make a banging music playlist (right). 

What is up my Babes?! Don’t mind me, your girl just had to channel her inner Iggy Azalea for a hot second. Hope you enjoyed. If you didn’t like it, then don’t worry that doesn’t hurt my feelings at all or anything *says through tears.*

Everyone who’s anyone knows that you can’t do your makeup without any music playing. It’s just so wrong. Plain and simple. Staring at yourself in the mirror as you curl your lashes to the sound of the… air conditioning?! BORING. You need to get funky with it! Don’t be afraid to swing your hips a bit or use your foundation as a microphone, it’s totally normal.

As a young girl, the music bug bit me instantly. You know in the Lion King when Circle Of Life plays, and Simba’s lifted into the air, and it’s just the world’s most beautiful moment? Well, that scene was a replication of my birth. Graphic, but true. From my birth on, music was in my blood. Why am I telling you this you ask? Well, first of all I wanted to reminisce on my glory days, and secondly I just want to prove to you that I know music. Which is why I can make an automatic, supersonic, hypnotic, funky fresh, playlist (warning: many more musical lyric puns lay ahead). For starters, we need a name for this new playlist! Now usually I go with a mellow title such as: “Head Bangers.” But today, let’s go with, “Beautylicious” (Beyoncé inspired, of course).

Let’s begin:

“***Flawless” – Beyoncé: Just to keep it within the Beyoncé theme. Now, it’s crucial to always begin your playlist with a pump-up song. This one in particular is a favorite of mine, just because the title describes not only me…but my makeup too!

“American Boy” – Estelle ft Kanye West: We miss the old Kayne. Enough said.

“I Wanna Dance With Somebody” – Whitney Houston: If you’re an old soul like myself, this song is a no-brainer!

“Just The Way You Are” – Bruno Mars: After dancing around to the first 3 songs, we need to slow it down for obvious reasons: sweat ruins makeup.

“Born This Way” – Lady Gaga: Who doesn’t love some classic Lady Gaga?!

“Shoutout To My Ex” – Little Mix: Make your exes cry with that brilliant winged eyeliner, girlfriend!

“Stone Cold”- Demi Lovato: Shut the door. Make sure no one’s home. This is your moment to belt as loud as you possibly can, just be careful not to mess up your lipstick – it’s a challenging, fun game!

“Beautiful Soul”- Jesse McCartney:  Not only do you have a beautiful soul, but at this point in the playlist your makeup will be looking beautiful too!

“She Will Be Loved”- Maroon 5: Just think about Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth in The Last Song, but don’t cry! Mascara running is a huge no no.

“Baby Got Back” – Sir Mix A Lot: This is the perfect song to get you in the mood to go out AND it mentions me, the one and only Becky. A win-win.

Alright, let’s take a brief “rest.”

Now, those 10 songs are necessities for a makeup playlist. However, if your makeup routine requires more than 10 songs, no shame in that, then here are a few more of my favorites!

Beauty And A Beat”- Justin Bieber Ft Nicki Minaj: (I just really love the word “Selener”) 

“Wannabe”-Spice Girls (Dream job: Posh Spice) 

“Fruit Salad”- The Wiggles (Best song of the 90s… don’t @ me) 

“Hotel California”-Eagles (Soulful) 

“Dancing In The Moonlight”-King Harvest (NEVER a let down) 

“God Is A Woman”- Ariana Grande (Talk about girl power)

“Isn’t She Lovely”-Stevie Wonder (You know I am)


You’re welcome. 


I figured it’s only fitting to do my farewell in lyrical form so without further ado my Babes:

Here’s my goodbye my dear Babes, you see,

Thought I’d give this whole rap thing a try and maybe go by “Good Haired Becky.”

So test out my rockin’ playlist and you won’t be let down,

I gotta jet, cause I’m going out on the town!


Becky With The Good Hair, lyrical genius


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