The Newest Highlighter We Cant Stop Talking About” Dry Gloss”

Dry Gloss Makeup

Highlighter that looks like a slippery winter road…or possibly just super iridescent powder? Oil or powder? OIL OR POWDER?! That is the question at hand!

This look is called “dry gloss” and it’s gone viral within the last few days. According to the internet it’s the hot new trend of 2018 and you can expect to see it in person, not just on the gram!

Instagram makeup artist @thestudyofmakeup is behind this trending look. Her entire account is filled with mind-boggling highlighter pics. But one of her most recent pic is what’s got the attention, thanks to the galactic finish. “Galaxy sunset highlight: blend orange, purple, pink, and white highlight to create a rainbow galaxy effect,” reads the caption on her photo, with an additional Instagram caption of, “HIGHLIGHT TIP: Blow out highlight using bright colours to create a sunset or galaxy effect, depending on how much glitter you use.”


She also gave more detail as to what “dry gloss” actually means in her most recent Instagram post:


So, we think it’s safe to say that the magical look isn’t from shimmery oil, but from meticulously layered and blended powders. So yeah it’s a piece of ART!



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