The Perfect App For Makeup Lovers

 Technology has absolutely changed the beauty game. At American Beauty Star, we take pride in staying up to date with every advancement made in the industry, which is why we’re loving the YouCam Makeup app.

Have you ever wished you could see how a makeup look would suit you before taking the time to actually do it? With YouCam Makeup you can do exactly that. Instead of trying on and wiping off tons of lipstick colors, head to the YouCam Makeup app to test them out virtually. With their extremely accurate face mapping technology, you can give yourself a complete makeover without ever touching your face.

 YouCam also developed awesome selfie-editing software! Enhance your natural contours, make your eyes a bit bigger, or experiment with fun hair colors on YouCam Perfect, their selfie-editing app.

Click here to check out American Beauty Star’s tutorial on how to use the YouCam Makeup app!


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