The Trendiest Nail Colors Of Spring 2018

With temperatures getting higher and spring trends in full effect, we couldn’t resist talking about the hottest nail colors of the season. Not only are we showing you which colors will be floating around the most, we are also including deals to get the polishes for lower prices! And you thought the best part of the season was warm weather.

Shades of Gray

The color gray has become a nail staple recently. It’s the perfect mix between neutral and mod, making your hands stand out among more common colors. We especially love this color on square or almond shaped nails.

Moody Plum

For those who are looking for a darker hue, moody plum is the color for you. This deep purple is a sultry take on the goth nail; giving the appearance of black, but with a sweet twist. Who says you can’t go dark for Spring?


This color screams, “I’m ready for summer!” and we are completely in love with it! This bright orange tone is a sure way to keep yourself in good spirits and enjoy a bit of sunshine anytime of the day.


Ever thought about painting your nails, but didn’t know which color to go for? Well a fluorescent hue is probably your perfect match. It allows you to get a little but of everything with an iridescent flare.

True Blue

Feeling electric? This blue is giving us all types of energy and will be perfect for festival season.


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