We Think We Know Kylie’s Baby’s Name

Kylie-jenner-baby-nameBy Maureé Sullivan
Kylie Jenner’s YouTube

In case you didn’t already know, this weekend Kylie Jenner gave birth to her first child! The beautiful baby girl was announced Sunday on Kylie’s social media after being born on February 1st.


The crazy thing about Miss Kylie’s birth is that she has yet to announce her baby’s name and all of her fans are freaking out. Fortunately enough, Kylie seems to be leaving hints as to what the baby’s name may possible be with the launch of her newest Kylie Lip Kit “Posie K”.  Do you guys think the baby’s name is Posie?!

Speculations of the name “Posie” point back to Kylie’s birth diary video that was also released on Sunday in which the pregnant mother got a tattoo of a butterfly and wore a butterfly necklace. “Posie” in fact is a nickname for the name “Mariposa” which means ” butterfly”. Other reports have even gone so far to say that Kylie’s baby daddy, Travis Scott released a song nine months ago *cough, cough* called the Butterfly Effect. Coincidence? Maybe so, but at least it gives us some kind of answers until Kylie breaks the internet again.

UPDATE: Kylie recently announced that her baby’s name is Stormi! We were wrong 🙁




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