You Need To See These Celebrity Prom Photos

Prom is just around the corner and for those of you looking for some beauty inspiration from the stars…we’ve got you covered! So, stop stressing and get scrolling!

Beyoncé Knowles-Carter

Photo via Pinterest @WhoWhatWear

Of course, we’re going to start off with Queen B! For a look done in the late 80s/early 90s… this isn’t too bad. Yoncé knew then what we know now – you can never go wrong with wavy locks! The pattern of her dress isn’t quite timeless and don’t get us started on the thigh-high slit. Nonetheless, B’s prom look still got us feeling dangerously in love.

Tyra Banks

Photo via Pinterest @PeopleCelebrity

If you were to say that Tyra wasn’t meant to be a world renowned supermodel after seeing this photo we’d call you on your bluff. She’s practicing her smize, but the medium length pin-curled hair she’s got going on here kind of reminds us of our great grandmothers’ favorite up-do. It’s not all bad though, the deep plunging neckline of her dress is cute and it sure brings out Tyra’s fiery personality that we all know so well.


Photo via Pinterest @Elle

Fergalicious definitely makes all the boys go loco. Fergie did not receive the right attention with her performance of the national anthem earlier this year, but she definitely got it with this throwback. Her tousled platinum blonde hair and those dark roots are definitely giving us major bombshell vibes over here! Her halter dress and heart shaped beaded neckline accentuate her curves just perfectly. I mean if you got it… flaunt it.

P.S. Are you also wondering which of the three boys gave her those flowers? We certainly are.

Demi Lovato

Photo via Pinterest @E! News

Demi Lovato looks really cute and youthful in her throwback prom photo and we’re not mad about it. This is definitely before her bad girl phase, BUT we decided we like both equally. She definitely hit the tanning salon before her big night, but we’ll forgive her because that eyeshadow is on point.

Gwen Stefani

Photo via Daily Mail

Can you even believe this is Gwen Stefani?! This is nothing like the Gwen we know today, she looks very sweet and innocent in her black and white gown, complete with white gloves. Although her prom look was very trendy at the time, we definitely prefer the rocker-chic version of Gwen that we’ve become accustomed to.

Jessica Alba

Photo via Pinterest @WhoWhatWear

Let’s get honest here, Jessica may have been a little too extra with her prom attire. She’s still as gorgeous as ever but the embellishments on that dress are… not great. Of course her hair and makeup look beautiful, she barely needs any makeup because she has such naturally beautiful features. And, is that a chocker we see? Very on-trend Jessica!

Meryl Streep

Photo via Pinterest @imgur

Meryl Streep’s look is quite timeless, just like her acting. It seems as though she might’ve won prom queen, judging by the tiara and bouquet of flowers… if not, it’s kind of a baller move to wear your own tiara to prom, so props to you, Meryl!

Kim Kardashian

Photo via Pinterest @E! News

Kim is serving us some 90’s vibes over here. We’re quick to note that this may be the first time we’ve seen here smiling with her teeth… we’d definitely like to see more of that grin, but were still huge Kim K fans. It’s unlikely that we’d ever see present-day Kim rocking that intricate up-do, so this throwback pic will have to do.


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