Tyme The Infamous

Tyme’s dream was to attend FIDM and become a leader in the fashion industry. Shortly after being accepted she was crushed when her family told her they could not afford to send her to college. Instead of letting the news deter her, it propelled her further into pursuing makeup full time through social media. She was determined to prove that with hard work and determination, anything is achievable and prove them wrong she did. With an unmatchable skill set and fierce attitude, the other competitors need to look out for what’s in store with this cadet from Vegas.

Silvia Reis

Although Silvia seems typical, at 32 years young she is a salon owner in San Francisco, A Redkin trained hair specialist, and a YouTube Influencer. Her family, originally from Portugal, moved to America to give her the life they never had. Silvia uses her parents strength as a constant reminder to work harder. She met the love of her life in America, and together they have branded her, ‘Elle Bangs’. Her sweet and precious demeanor should not be underestimated, she is in it to win it not only for herself, but for all the underdogs that never had the same opportunity.

Mitchell Halliday

Mitchell is 18 years old, from the United Kingdom, and is ready for his second shot at fame. His boy band appeared on the X- Factor last year and after being eliminated in the final round, Mitchell decided to pursue his second passion, makeup. He currently works in a local salon doing makeup, but thanks to social media he recently had the opportunity to work on the ‘Real Housewives of Cheshire’ and is starting to build his celebrity clientele. Although he is young, it is obvious this kid boasts massive talent. With his heart of gold, the judges will not want to see him go.

Kym Nicole

This hardworking mom wants give her children what she never had as a little girl. Growing up in an abusive household never stopped Kym Nicole from dreaming big and reaching her goals. She formerly worked at a huge salon, but now has her own private salon servicing celebrity clients. She has also worked in a series of television shows like Hollywood Today Live and Love & Hip Hop. If Kym Nicole were to win American Beauty Star she would be able to expand her personal brand  and create a better life for her family and children.

John Blaine

Hair extraordinaire, John Blaine is a fearless leader who never holds back. He’s worked in the industry for over two decades branding himself as one of the top celebrity hairstylists in the country. His flamboyant and sassy attitude coupled with his talent makes him a force to be reckoned with.

Jenny Strebe

This small town mom of two packs a serious punch. Her and her husband dedicate their lives to Jenny’s career and her brand, ‘Confessions of a Hairstylist’. The family is from Tempe, Arizona but they are constantly on the road so Jenny can teach her specific hair techniques to large groups of people. They travel around the country in their 70’s retro van with the brand ‘Confessions of a Hairstylist’ on it. One thing is for certain about Jenny Strebe, she can style and cut hair with the best of them, but she’s a business woman at heart, who will undoubtedly play the game to her advantage.

Danny Jelaca

Danny, an insanely flamboyant, over the top Miami hairstylist of over two decades, brings a long list of celebrity clientele to the party such as Jennifer Lopez, Leah Remini, Naomi Campbell and Ivanka Trump. In 2002 he opened his own salon in South Beach’s most prestigious neighborhood and it has continued to be a massive success. There is no question he will approach every challenge fabulously.

Corey Ford

This isn’t his first time at the rodeo! From a child, Corey Ford wanted to be a star. Before he was featured on OWN Network’s Houston Beauty, Corey attended beauty school and developed his true talent. After his appearance on the show, Corey became known as the celebrity hair stylist in Houston. His bold personality, love for the spotlight, and quick rise to fame will cause riffs with the other contestants.

Catherine Shim

Do not let this beautiful woman’s appearance fool you. She has worked the graveyard shift protecting the Long Island parks as a Law Enforcer for over a decade, while during the day taking care of her three kids, her husband, and managing her Instagram account that caters to over 1M followers. Catherine is a self taught makeup artists and hairstylist who after watching countless YouTube videos, began freelancing, thus garnering her recognition in real life and Instagram shortly after. She built her platform by not just displaying her talent, but also others with the goal to inspire and support artists worldwide.

Andrew Velazquez

Andrew is a first generation Mexican American who earned his Fashion Certification and Cosmetology License by the age of 18 and has been in the beauty industry for over 18 years. He has done everything from the VMA’s, Emmy’s, Grammy’s, Rupaul and Kardashians all while working as a leader at MAC. He later moved on to Anastasia Beverly Hills where he learned how to market, pitch new trends to magazines and work within the world of fashion. Let’s just say he’s focused on his dreams and not letting anything or anyone get in his way.