Leslie Martin

Leslie may have a bubbly personality, but she came into this competition to show everyone that she can accomplish whatever she puts her mind to – and she wants to win. In fact, Leslie manifested her career in hair and makeup by clipping a magazine photo and promising herself that she’d appear in the same publication in the future (and yes, she made it happen). She works as a hair and makeup artist in Gilbert, AZ and aims to bring out her client’s personality and confidence through her work. As a single mom, Leslie’s daughter is her biggest motivation and inspiration. Her daughter lives with a rare bone disease called fibrous dysplasia, and Leslie wants to show her that she can live out her dreams, regardless of any obstacles that come her way. Leslie works hard and is passionate about hair and makeup, and wants to prove she has what it takes to become the next American Beauty Star.

Ricardo Ferrise

Ricardo is a loud, proud and talented artist. He was practically born into the beauty industry, as his mom was a disco queen as well as a Mary Kay rep and hairdresser, and his father was a barber before he began working in insurance. After graduating from high school, Ricardo enrolled in cosmetology school where he discovered his passion for hair and makeup. Taking a leap of faith, Ricardo moved to West Hollywood, CA in 2000, where he taught himself key techniques and found himself working with celebrity clients like Katy Perry. He’s one of the older competitors, but doesn’t mind showing everyone how his years of hands-on experience have given him a competitive edge. Ricardo is determined to become the next American Beauty Star and prove to his former bullies that success really is the best revenge.

Samson Smith

Samson is an explosive mixture of confidence, talent, and extreme personality. He was born and raised in Dallas, PA, where he lived for nineteen years until he made the leap to Savannah, GA. He’s experimented with makeup for as long as he can remember, and used to steal his mothers makeup as a child to practice his art. Samson was working freelance when he was scouted by MAC and his career in beauty took off. He’s a fierce competitor with a passion for using hair and makeup to ignite confidence in people often marginalized by society. He recently moved to New York City and dreams of launching a makeup line that emphasizes inclusivity, catering to people of color as well as the transgender community and drag community. Becoming the next American Beauty Star would mean the world to Samson, and he’ll do whatever it takes to win this competition.

Tina Mod

Tina is a quirky, sweet and talented hair and makeup artist from Phoenix, AZ. After getting a journalism degree and working in tech, she decided to pursue her passion of becoming a hair and makeup artist. She now owns a thriving hair salon in Phoenix and wants to take over the industry. Tina likes to push boundaries as far as they’ll go, creating edgy, avant garde looks. She may be friendly, but Tina came to win this competition, and isn’t afraid to pick up a pair of shears and start snipping.

Tyren Redd

Tyren grew up in Sacramento, CA, until he made the move to Los Angeles, where he has developed his talent as a hair and makeup artist. While Tyren enjoys joking around, he came to win and is serious about this competition. By the age of 17, Tyren knew he wanted to be in the fashion industry. He’s made a name for himself as a photographer and creative director in the fashion space, and his love for hair and makeup came naturally. Tyren is mainly self-taught, and with time he has developed his own clean, modern, and funky aesthetic.

Diana Osorio

She may seem quiet and reserved, but Diana’s passion for hair and makeup speaks for itself. After attending a performing arts high school, Diana graduated from the Parisian Paul Mitchell School in New Jersey as an honoree student. Today, she works as the female director of a successful dance studio in Belleville, NJ, in addition to doing hair and makeup full time. Diana believes she has more to offer than just working in a salon, and wants to share her talent with the world and work with big names in the beauty industry. She’s ready to take on any challenge and show her competition that she has what it takes to become the next American Beauty Star.

Brittney Ward

Don’t let this 4’11 dynamo fool you – Brittney is a sweetheart, but when it comes to competition, she won’t let anything get in her way. Moving around a lot as a child, Brittney was able to get her cosmetology license while attending high school in Virginia. She then moved to North Carolina where life took a hard turn, and she lost her job and her home. With only $110 in her pocket, Brittney took a chance and moved to New York, where she has honed her craft as a hair and makeup artist. She’s inspired by all the strong women in her life, and is driven and passionate about proving she has what it takes to win this competition. Brittney’s goal is to inspire and encourage people, especially women of color, to break into the beauty industry and pursue their dreams.

Axel Vasquez

Axel Vasquez is a Guatemalan native who moved to the U.S. when he was 15 years old. Since then, he perfected his craft and built his brand around pageant beauty. Currently, he resides in Virginia where he owns a makeup academy and hair studio. He is passionate about inspiring people to embrace their individuality and live their lives without limits. Growing up, he styled his sister’s hair and makeup in secret out of fear of being ridiculed. Today, Axel Vasquez is proud to share his talent with his students and show the world he has what it takes to become the next American Beauty Star.

Lucy Garland

Lucy came all the way from Melbourne, Australia, to prove she has what it takes to become the next American Beauty Star. She’s a dual citizen with roots in Australia as well as the United States, where her father and sister live in San Francisco, CA. She’s always been artistically inclined, and began practicing drag makeup on herself when she was a teen. Over time, she has evolved her technique and creativity, gaining a sizable social media following along the way. Her 170K YouTube subscribers have fallen in love with her bold, artistic makeup looks. Lucy prides herself on doing everything from head to toe – hair, makeup, costume design, everything. Her passion and talent even caught the attention of Marc Jacobs Beauty, and she’s done work with them as a brand ambassador. Lucy hopes to be able to tone down her looks and show the world that she has the artistic range to win this competition.

Ronaldo Escobar

Ronaldo Escobar may be soft-spoken, but his passion for hair and makeup is loud! Growing up in Brazil, he held fashion shows for his neighborhood where he discovered his love for all things beauty. He moved to the U.S. in 1998, and moved around a bit before settling down in New York City, where he works full time as a hair and makeup artist. Ronaldo Escobar is primal about extracting a person’s inner beauty and enhancing it through unique hair and makeup looks. He has a burning passion for beauty and wants to show the world that he is the next American Beauty Star.