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Episode 8 - The Four Seasons of Beauty

Episode 10 Season Finale - The Future of Beauty

Episode 9 - Take a Stand with Teen Vogue

Episode 7 - Legends In Their Own Mind

Episode 6- Rock The Catwalk

Episode 5 - Makeover Emergency

Episode 4 - Pop Up Beauty

Episode 3 - A Quick Tip Tutorial

Episode 2 - Red Carpet Mayhem

Episode 1 - Who Are You?


Ep. 9 Bloopers

Ep. 8 Bloopers

Ep. 7 Bloopers

Bloopers from Episode 5

Bloopers from Episode 4

BTS of Andrew's Orly Collection

Behind the Scenes with Huda and Mona Kattan

BTS: Words Of Wisdom With Charlotte Tillbury

Behind the Scenes of Episode 6

Behind the Scenes of the 1-Minute Tutorial Challenge

Behind The Scenes with Josephine Skriver

Judges Thoughts on ABS Winner, Sandy Poirier

Behind The Scenes with ABS Winner Sandy Poirier at the Teen Vogue Shoot

Why Is Beauty Important?

Behind The Scenes of Episode 10

Who Contestants Think Will Be Voted Off

BTS: Introducing Michelle Williams

BTS: Mum's The Word

Episode 6 Contestant Reactions

Catherine's Rainbow Coat

Behind the Scenes of Episode 3

Behind the Scenes of Episode 2

Sandy Poireir Wow Factor

BTS of Adriana on Catwalk

BTS of Women's Wear Daily Interview

Ta'Rhonda Jones Spits A Freestyle Rap

BTS of the Catwalk ft. Michelle Phan

Meet the Contestants

Tyme the Infamous Audition Video

Amanda Terry's Audition Video

Mitchell Hallz Audtion Video

Danny Jelaca's Audition Video

Catherine Shim's Audition Video

Sandy Poirer's Audition Video

Jenny Strebe's Audition Video

Corey Ford's Audition Video

John Blaine's Audition Video

Silvia Reis Audition Video

Andrew Velazquez Audition Video

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