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These ageless beauty looks made us feel young!

American Beauty Star contestants give ageless beauty makeovers

A true American Beauty Star can create an ageless beauty look. In episode 9 of American Beauty Star, the remaining contestants were surprised by the inspiring women in their lives. From mothers, to aunts, sisters, and spirit moms, the catwalk was full of heartwarming moments. But which artist created the best ageless beauty look? Watch the full episode and check out the final looks below!

Contestant: Axel

Axel was emotional and excited to give his mom, Alicia, an elegant makeover, because she’s always worked 2 jobs and worn uniforms at work. He went with a smokey eye and glamorous curls for an ageless beauty look that oozed confidence.

Contestant: Brittney

Brittney said her mom, Karen, is “the queen of my life,” so she gave her a royal makeover with a crown-style braid and sparkling makeup. Brittney added even more love to the look by using her Grandmother’s favorite color on Karen’s lips.

Outfit Details:

Shoes: Sarto by Franco Sarto

Contestant: Diana

Diana wanted to created an Old Hollywood Glam look for her mother and namesake, Diana. With glamorous waves in the hair, Diana went with a classic red lip to mimic the lipstick she remembers seeing her mom wear in childhood photos.

Outfit Details: 

Dress: Lena Kasparian

Shoes: Mink Shoes

Contestant: Kendra

Kendra’s mom, Lisa, is very stylish and a spitting image of her daughter! So, Kendra gave her mom big, sexy hair and used peach and taupe tones to accentuate her eyes.

Outfit Details:

Dress: Celia Grace

Shoes: Carlos Shoes

Contestant: Lucy

Lucy went with a 70’s glam look on her sister, Angie. Lucy went with her gut and used a bronze color scheme for the makeup, with a voluminous half-up-half-down hair style.

Outfit Details:

Jumper: Emma and Michele

Shoes: Sarto by Franco Sarto

Contestant: Oz

Oz’s Aunt Lori is all about casual glam. Oz knew exactly what to do for Lori’s makeover – since her aunt loves short hair, Oz skipped using a wig and instead created finger waves in Lori’s natural hair. She used hints of gold in the makeup to complete the look.

Outfit Details

Jacket: Simone Aviv

Top: Nordstrom Rack

Contestant: Samson

Samson’s ‘spirit mom,’ Ranae, has always supported Samson and even inspired him to embrace his unique style. Ranae has a distinct Rock ‘n’ Roll style that Samson played up with striking blue eye makeup and a spunky mohawk.

Outfit Details: 

Dress: Fashion Club

All jewelry used in the final looks were provided by JTV. Click here to learn about the Revlon products the artists use to create their final looks.


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