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We’ve already told you how easy it is to create a stunning online presence with Wix, and the amazing benefits of Wix Bookings. Now, it’s time for us to share the newest technology in website creation: Wix Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI).

Whether you’re a professional hair and makeup artist, photographer, or small-business owner, you need an online presence to be successful. Designing a website can seem daunting, but Wix ADI makes it simpler than ever to get online. Simply answer a few questions, and Wix ADI will apply that knowledge to create the perfect custom website for you.

Still not convinced? Read about our favorite functions of Wix ADI below, then head to the website builder Wix.com to get started today!

Get Online Instantly

Sit back, relax, and let Wix ADI do the work for you. The innovative software has all the information it needs to create a beautiful and unique website just for you. Simply answer a few questions, and Wix will create a unique website built around your needs, complete with images, videos, and text. Your ADI assistant will provide step-by-step instructions on different topics and sections of your site, so you can get online instantly. Wix ADI will suggest relevant pages and sections for you to add, or you can choose your own!

Create a Fully Customized Website 

Just because Wix ADI does the work for you, doesn’t mean you can’t customize it. Change easily between designer-made website templates to find the look and feel that works for you. The power is yours. Choose your favorite font size, images, videos, even animations! You can still manipulate and change every element of your website. The best part? Your Wix ADI assistant will be there to help every step of the way.

All the Wix Perks We Love

 When you use Wix ADI to create your website, you have access to the thousands of free features offered by Wix. If you’re a hair/makeup artist, you can integrate Wix Bookings software on your site to book and manage client appointments. Own a store? Create an online shopping experience that your customers will love. Those are just 2 of (literally) 1,000 free features from Wix.


Seriously… what are you waiting for?! Head to Wix.com today and get started!


American Beauty Star is a paid partner of Wix.


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