5 Easy Steps For The Perfect French Braid

Having a bad hair day? Need a cute way to maintain it? Or do you just want a totally different look to try? Well, the French braid is the perfect way to accomplish all three! French braiding tends to scare people off, since it looks a lot more intricate than it actually is. We’re here to assure you that it’s much easier than it seems. In fact, in only 5 simple steps, you can master the lovely French braid!

Step 1:

Brush Hair/Get Out All Knots

This starter step is very important. Trust us when we say that this will make the braiding process 100x easier!

Step 2:

Grab a Chunk of Hair & Split Into 3 Pieces

Gather the hair that initially frames the face, pull it back, and divide it into three sections. Now you may only have two hands, but you can put the right strand into your right hand, left strand into your left hand, and middle strand pinched between your thumb and middle finger. Try and avoid the strands meshing together to avoid confusion.

Step 3:

Braid Normally

Braid these first three pieces like you would a normal braid. You take either side strand (let’s say you start with the right). So, take the right strand and put it over the middle strand. Then, you take the left strand and pull it over the middle. It’s just a basic braid. You can do it! We believe in you!

Step 4:

Braid Normally But Add Hair

You will repeat the normal braiding process, however, each time you put a strand over the next, add some hair from that side and add it to the rest of the strand. Continue this process until you run out of more hair to add.

Step 5:

Finishing Up

This is the point where you have run out of hair to add, and you’re probably thinking, “AH NOW WHAT?!” Well, don’t fret, because you’re doing great! All you do now is go back to step one. You finish how you started- by simply braiding the three strands normally again. Then, tie an elastic band to the bottom of that beautiful braid and tada! You did it!

Now you’re ready to strut your stuff with your fabulous new french braid, and watch as everyone turns their head to stare at you working that hairdo.


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