Beyonce releases Spirit music video for The Lion King

Um, Yes to the Spirit Music Video

Beyoncé’s ‘Spirit’ Music Video Lifted Our Spirits

Yesterday, Beyoncé blessed us with the ‘Spirit‘ music video. ‘Spirit‘ is the lead single from her new album, “The Lion King: The Gift”. Count on Beyoncé to exhibit black excellence artfully every time. In true Beyoncé fashion, she dropped the ‘Spirit‘ music video a day before The Lion King re-release hits theaters. Needless to say, our spirits were absolutely lifted, shifted, and gifted from all the black excellence that was on display! Not to mention, any time we see her Princess, Blue Ivy Carter, is a good time. 

For people (read: weirdos) who argue that Beyoncé can’t sing (read: seek help), the Queen shuts it all the way down in the ‘Spirit’ music video! 20+ years in the game later and her vocals are still as powerful as ever! Her powerful vocals made us want to cut our hot girl summer short and find someone to settle down with. Of course the visuals were stunning. Shot in a Californian desert, Beyoncé served us twelve colorful, ethereal looks for our nerves! She wore every color you’re likely to see coming down runways this Fall during New York Fashion Week. From chartreuse, to royal blue, magenta, and coral, every scene was full of color and life. Her hair and makeup was easy – not too much; not too little. For most of her looks, she sported heavily lined eyes, bronzed skin that glowed against the desert sun, and nude, glossy, or golden lips. When she wasn’t wearing her hair wavy and blowing in the wind (fabulous), she wore tribal braids that we are certain will be recreated by many soon. 

Did you catch these looks?

While we weren’t able to grab shots of every look, here are a few of our faves, including a shot of Blue Ivy Carter with curly, ginger hair! 

Blue Ivy Carter makes a cameo in Beyoncé's 'Spirit' music video

Honestly, we can’t decide which look we love most! The video thumbnail draws you in with her smoldering eye makeup that brings out her beautiful brown eyes and ginger, wavy hair. Her gold, glossy lip might be the icing on this cake for this look though!

Beyoncé wears lavender and coral off-shoulder, ruffled dress in 'Spirit' music video

Another outfit we can’t get over is this black and white tribal print pantsuit with a matching head tie. What we learned here is that Beyoncé means business always, even if business is in the middle of a Californian desert. Seriously, who else would be able to pull off the elaborate facial jewelry that she wore with this suit?!

Beyoncé wears black and white tribal print pantsuit in 'Spirit' music video

You can’t shoot a music video about The Lion King without African vibes. This chartreuse number with her tribal braids were on time and relevant, as she always is. Thank goodness summer isn’t over yet, so that we can find a braid girl to recreate this intricate braided look for us.

Beyoncé wears tribal braids for 'Spirit' music video

If you’re anything like us, you are part of the Beyhive and bought tickets to see The Lion King every night during opening weekend. If you’re not like us, well, just get like us doll. Happy Nala as Beyoncé weekend (yes, you read that right)!!!


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