What Wig?! THAT Wig, Sis.

Avoid Awkward Questions When You Choose the Right Wig

We admit, you might wig out when it’s time to choose the right wig. If you’ve never seen “what closure?” or “what wig?” as an Instagram photo/story caption before, are you even browsing the right side of the Internet? No one gets wigs right on the first try. Don’t believe us? Rapper and entrepreneur, Nicki Minaj, has had one of the most iconic wig glow ups that we’ve ever seen! When it comes to wigs, not only does Nicki clearly know about wigs now, but so does American Beauty Star season 2 contestant, Oz Wilson-Perry.

For girls who love to express themselves through their hairstyles, wigs can be a fun way of switching things up! Whether you’re going for a new look or simply want to give your hair a break, the next best thing you may do for your hair is purchase a wig. Goodbye, dad caps that scream “bad hair day”! Hello, “slay all day!”


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