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Another Day, Another Kylie Skin Complaint

Why are People so Upset About Kylie Skin?

Kylie Skin is out and everyone is talking or complaining about it. On May 22nd, the youngest Kardashian-Jenner sister expanded her billion-dollar cosmetics empire when she launched Kylie Skin. As one would expect, not a penny was spared on the launch… or branding. Kylie invited a few of her influencer “friends” to a cutesy pink-themed launch held at a skating rink in LA. Not quite unlike any of her other product launches, fans seemed excited for the latest drop. Well, that was until the “use a walnut face scrub daily” episode… and now, the 7-second cleansing episode.

Let’s be clear: we’re all for girls and guys doing their damn thing in the cosmetics industry. New cosmetic lines emerge yearly and the prospect of trying products that promise to deliver the results we want remains exciting! However, we can’t help but to chuckle at people’s reactions to Kylie Skin marketing rollout mishaps.

If you invest a lot of money in your skincare, trying Kylie Skin products probably hasn’t been a dirty thought. Pun intended. In the latest round of “bad press” plaguing the brand, influencer turned beauty industry mogul, Jeffree Star, released a no-holds-barred review of the product. In true Jeffree Star fashion, it was brutally honest, scathing if  you must. Alongside Shane Dawson, Jeffree delivered a 30+ minute review via YouTube that has since amassed over 11M views since posted on June 2nd!

Apart from the fact that Jeffree Star is clearly not friends with Kylie Jenner – he was not invited to her launch party, he spilled all the beau-tea that you never know you needed! 

Watch as Shane and Jeffree take you through logistics, fulfillment, products, and so much more in this nerve wracking review!

Five things you need to know

If you don’t have 30 minutes to spare, here’s everything you need you need to know, according to Jeffree and Shane:

  1. The makeup wipes do not remove makeup as easily as competitive wipes;
  2. The foaming facial cleanser has a fragrance and burns or tingles a bit. It may not be for sensitive skin types. Nonetheless, Jeffree didn’t feel like his skin was stripped which suggests that the chemicals are not harsh;
  3. The vanilla almond toner removed excess foundation from Jeffree’s face!
  4. The walnut scrub is not chunky; it is very granular. Jeffree thinks it smells like sugar. This could be a plus.
  5. As for the moisturizer, Shane feels like “it’s lotion you’re not supposed to put on your face”.

Credit: Jeffree Star YouTube


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