4 tips to improve your skin hygiene

4 Tips to Improve Your Skin Hygiene

Get Your Skin Hygiene Together, Sis

There’s no question that good skin hygiene is essential for any beauty routine. The last thing anyone wants is to breakout from applying foundation or going about your skin care regimen. We rounded up four tips to help you clean up your beauty habits and ensure that you give your skin the care it needs!

Wash Your Makeup Brushes Often

Okay, this is a big one. Let’s all say it together: I WILL WASH MY MAKEUP BRUSHES AND SPONGES REGULARLY. Let’s dive in to the importance of clean brushes as it relates to proper skin hygiene. Could you imagine using the same makeup remover wipe every day for a month? Definitely not… the wipe would be covered with product, debris, oils, and bacteria from being reused. Your makeup brushes and sponges are no different. We recommend you wash them with every use. Yes, that’s annoying and you will forget, but it helps get rid of any germs, bacteria, and dead skin cells that may have accumulated.

Use Your Cell Phone With Caution

As a general rule, anything that directly touches your face should be as sanitary as possible. Don’t freak out, but our cell phones come in contact with a massive amount of dirt, bacteria, and germs daily. You may want to think twice the next time you take your phone with you on a bathroom break and then immediately make a call. Anti-bacterial wipes do wonders and go a long way in promoting proper skin hygiene. It’s really simple too – wipe down your cell phone every few hours for some peace of mind.

Become Friends With Your Washing Machine

We spend a lot of time asleep in our beds, so we want them to be a friendly and clean environment for our skin. Pay attention to how often you wash your pillow cases. In an ideal world, we would sleep on a fresh set of sheets every night – but that’s not entirely feasible, is it? Instead, try to wash your pillow cases at least once a week in order to avoid transferring any dirt, bacteria, germs, etc. onto your face. Keep your skin hygiene on track and do not waste your nighttime skincare routine by resting your head on a dirty pillow!

Be Mindful of Product Storage

Most people tend to store their cosmetics and skin care products in the bathroom. While it’s convenient, it’s not the best for skin hygiene. When you take a shower, your bathroom fills with humidity and steam, and creates a viable environment for bacteria and germs to spread. If you can, try to set up a vanity area outside of your bathroom, or at least as far away from your shower and toilet as possible.


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