The Korean Skincare Routine You Should Try At Least Once

This 10-step skincare routine is taking over beauty forums and we’re here to tell you to try it (at least once). If you’ve been plugged into the beauty world then the term ‘K-Beauty’ shouldn’t be new to you. Word is that skincare regimens and products from South Korea are all the hype, and not only to the estheticians. If you have skin issues, you should absolutely try the Korean 10-step skincare routine to see which products work well for you.

This routine goes much more than just skin deep though. The amount of steps seem daunting (and may be) if you’re coming from 1-2 step processes. However, the sacrifice of trying it comes with a larger significance. The experience of using the 10-step Korean skincare routine cleans your pores but, more importantly, is also meant to create a moment of reflection and relaxation. Think of it as a purification of the mind and body, a form of self-discovery. If this sounds like something that interests you (which how could it not?), then definitely check out the tool set needed below!

What You Need:

-Oil-Based Cleanser – Removes dirt from the face without stripping the skin dry.

-Water-Based Cleanser – A foam or gel cleanser that removes any dirt your oil cleanser didn’t catch.

-Exfoliator – Cleans out your pores and gets rid of dead skin cells.

-Sheet Mask – Fabric soaked in a serum to calm and nourish the skin.

-Toner – Astringent liquid to decrease oiliness and close pores.

-Essence – Adds an extra layer of hydration before applying the serum.

-Serum – Addresses your dark spots, wrinkles, etc. Serums tend to be more concentrated and dense.

-Eye Cream – Helps to repair eye wrinkles and dark spots.

-Moisturizer – Keeps your skin hydrated and prevents it from drying out.

-Sunscreen – Helps prevent the sun’s ultraviolet rays from burning and harming your skin. UV rays are extremely powerful. Sunscreen (as its name suggests) screens your skin from the sun, and also serves as a preventative measure to keep you skin from aging prematurely.

Now, if you already own most of the products listed above, it’s unnecessary to order everything from a K-Beauty website. You can feel free to create your own 10-step routine with products tailored to your skin. Just use the aforementioned products in the same order!


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