Overnight Beauty Tips That Will Make You Feel Brand New

Everyone has their own routine that they follow before going to bed. Whether it’s an intense skincare regimen, or a step-by-step hair how-to, there’s no question that everyone has their own beauty routine that they follow every night. If you are looking to upgrade your nightly routine, we have some awesome overnight beauty tips for you that are super quick and easy to follow.

Nail Care/Cuticles

Taking care of your nails is something that we learned is super important. In order to ensure speedy and healthy nail growth, you must take care of your cuticles. A great way to do this is by moisturizing your cuticles every night before bed. Using small amounts of shea butter or coconut oil is a great way to moisturize your cuticles and strengthen the nails. This one might be a difficult for all you nail biters, but it’ll be worth it.

Eyelash/Eyebrow Growth

If you are wondering if there’s a way to promote eyelash and eyebrow growth without microblading and eyelash extensions, then this overnight beauty tip is for you. You can condition and moisturize your eyebrows and eyelashes by using castor oil. Castor oil is made up of natural compounds that promote healthy growth such as amino and ricinoleic acid. Apply castor oil with a cotton swab at night near your lash line and on your eyebrows. This can help with fine lines and wrinkles too, and you’ll be surprised by how quickly you get results!

Soft Hands and Feet

During the winter seasons, your skin is more prone to dry up; but it’s good to have hydrated soft skin all year round. The best way to go about this? DIY scrubs. They are easy and simple to follow and will leave your skin feeling moisturized. A great DIY scrub for hands and feet requires only two ingredients: brown sugar and olive oil. Mix the two together and massage them on your hands and feet then rinse. You will wake up with a smooth and soft finish!


If you want a simple remedy of reducing or eliminating your pimples overnight, this beauty tip will save you. The first thing you need is tea-tree oil. They sell this at most grocery, health and drug stores. Take about a teaspoon of the oil and dilute it with water, then dab it onto your blemishes or problem areas. The natural disinfecting properties will reduce any redness without stripping your skin of its natural oils.

We hope you add these overnight beauty tips into your nighttime routine and that you glow inside and out!


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