Real Women Serve Real Looks, Period.

How to Serve Up a Beauty Look for Real Women: 101

Not that the models of American Beauty Star aren’t real women – we use models of all sizes and races – but in episode 6, things get even more, well, real. We were so inspired by the Broadway musical Waitress (and judge Christie Brinkley’s waitress job story), that we built an entire episode around it! For their challenge, the contestants created looks for the hardworking real women of Atlanta’s restaurants that serve us looks and good food every day. Watch episode 6 and check out each contestant’s final look below:

Side note: #filterforwhat?! These final beauty looks on real women are un-retouched and un-filtered. 

Contestant: Axel

Model: Jalynn

For his Waitress makeover, Axel created this gorgeous purple look on Jalynn.

Outfit Details:

Dress: Black Halo

Shoes: Carlos Shoes


Contestant: Brittney

Model: Brandy

Brittney went with bold eyeliner and a bold lip for her waitress makeover on the Brandy.

Outfit Details:

Dress: Orlando Vintage

Skirt: Imaginative Fashion

Shoes: Fergie Footwear


Contestant: Diana

Model: Coral

For her Waitress makeover, Diana went with a subtle glowy look on Coral.

Outfit Details: 

Romper: TJ Maxx


Contestant: Jayson

Model: Sandi

For his Waitress makeover, Jayson created this gorgeous look on Sandi.

Outfit Details:

Top: We are HAH


Contestant: Kendra

Model: Savannah

Kendra went with an edgy monochromatic look for her Waitress makeover on Savannah.

Outfit Details:

Bodysuit & Dress: We are HAH


Contestant: Lucy

Model: Patra

Lucy created this bold look on Patra for her Waitress makeover.

Outfit Details: 

Top, pants & shoes: TJ Maxx


Contestant: Oz

Model: Jam

Oz created this look, complete with an ombre lip, for her Waitress makeover on Jam.

Outfit Details:

Dress: Rubin Singer


Contestant: Ronaldo

Model: Anna

For his Waitress Makeover, Ronaldo went with simple makeup that puts an emphasis on the eye.

Outfit Details:

Dress: Imaginative Fashion 


Contestant: Samson

Model: Morgan

Samson created this playful look on Morgan for his Waitress makeover.

Outfit Details:

Dress: Theia Couture


All jewelry used in the final looks were provided by JTV. Click here to learn about the Revlon products the artists use to create their final looks.


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    The judges got it so wrong this week Jayson and Oz had it

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