Which Hair Cut Is Best For Your Face Shape?

We’ve all gone through the phase of wanting to get a drastic haircut. You know the feeling…when life gets a little too dull and you want to change it up a bit. Sometimes we are extremely happy with the result and other times – not so much. Then, you stay up all night wondering why it looked so great on Selena Gomez, but not on you. Well, we’re here to tell you that maybe it’s just because it wasn’t the right haircut for your face shape.

There are many different face shapes, but the most common are; oval, heart, diamond, square, long, and round. Haircuts were made with this in mind – For instance, the mullet may look fantastic on someone with a square face shape but not so much on someone with a heart face shape (hopefully you weren’t planning on getting a mullet in the near future, but if you are, you’re welcome).

We’re breaking down all things face shapes and haircuts, because its better to be informed when it comes to chopping off your hair.


If you have prominent cheekbones and a wider forehead, then you probably have an oval shaped face. You can pull off most haircuts with this face shape, but bangs look exceptionally good on you. Why, you ask? Because your forehead is perfect for them.

Celebrity Twin: Megan Fox


This one looks just like it sounds. Your chin is typically more pointed and you have a prominent widow’s peak, meaning that your face has the perfect frame for side bangs. Also, if you want to go short, you can definitely rock the pixie cut.

Celebrity Twin: Christina Ricci


If you have a diamond shaped face, you have a narrow chin and forehead. The classic bob cut would be perfect for you because it will frame your chin just right.

Celebrity Twin: Ashley Greene


The square face shape comes with a strong jawline and bone structure. Since you have an amazing jawline, you should draw attention to your bone structure by cutting your hair into layers. You’ll come out with tons of volume and dimension.

Celebrity Twin: Olivia Wilde


The long shape face is basically the oval shape face but a bit more elongated – You have a thin face and strong cheek bone structure. Shoulder length hair with bangs should be your go-to, because your face tends to look thinner and bangs will add volume and some extra width.

Celebrity Twin: Sarah Jessica Parker


If your face shape is round, you probably have wider cheeks, and an overall circular shape. You can rock both side bangs and straight bangs. Best of both worlds? We think so. Many lengths look good on round faces, but a middle part is a sure fire way to lengthen your face.

Celebrity Twin: Selena Gomez


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