Which Hair Removal Is Best For You?

Everyone has their own opinion on which hair removal service is truly the best for them. Once we find one that works, we tend to continue with that method without even considering our other options. That being said, we can’t help but wonder if your current hair removal method really the best one for you…Let’s find out!


Shaving is perfect for a quick hair removal job. If you need to make your legs smooth and hairless in 10 minutes or less, this is the ideal method for you; however, shaving is not a long-term solution. In fact, hair actually tends to grow back faster the more often that you shave it. Shaving also tends to make your hair grow back looking thicker and darker, because it is getting cut off at its tips rather than by its roots.


Plucking is a great method for removing those straggler hairs coming out of your brows, lip, etc. It is a more time consuming alternative because it’s not meant for the more detailed of jobs. Plucking removes hair from the root – resulting in a cleaner and longer lasting look. It’ll be about two weeks until you have to pull out the tweezers again. This alternative is known to be painful so if you’re super squeamish, this might not be the one for you.


Hair removal creams are great for those who have a low pain tolerance, since hair is being dissolved rather than pulled out; however, it’s difficult to use correct precision with these creams and you don’t want to be disappointed when you wash it off and suddenly have no eyebrows left. Usually these creams are used on the lip, arms, armpits, etc. The smooth waxing effect can last about 3 weeks. But, if you have sensitive skin definitely stay away from this method and choose a different hair removal option – these creams contain chemicals that can lead to severe burns. Be sure to read instructions for how long you should keep it on!


Threading is a fantastic method, but it can only do so much – there’s a reason why you never see someone threading their arms. This process works by taking a thread to the desired area and pulling it in the opposite direction of your hair growth to remove the hair. If you are looking to add a direct and fine shape to your eyebrows, then threading is the way to go. Your hair should not grow back for about 2 to 6 weeks. It’s a painful method for those with a low pain tolerance, so keep that in mind.


While threading can be painful, waxing can be too. Honestly, if you don’t find ripping off a Band-Aid to be painful, then you probably be bothered by waxing. The waxer puts hot wax onto the areas you are getting done, and then when it dries they pull it off quickly so that it removes all your undesired hair. The results can last anywhere from 3 to 6 weeks. If you have sensitive skin, then maybe stick to plucking. Wax is composed of ingredients that can potentially irritate your skin, so be careful!


Laser hair removal consists of a laser being used to burn away your undesired hair, permanently. If you want a more permanent solution for your hair removal, this is it. There is a bit of pain caused from the laser, but it happens so fast that you will barely even notice. The downside however, is the cost. It all adds up, especially if you are trying to laser a lot of different parts of your body. If you’re not feeling the whole cha-ching aspect of it, choose one of the many other methods. They all do the job just as great, but they aren’t as permanent.


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