10 Minute Makeup Routine with Ricardo Ferrise

Cut your makeup routine to 10 minutes

Looking to cut down your makeup routine to 10 minutes? American Beauty Star season 2 contestant, Ricardo Ferrise, shows us how to serve face and make it fashion!


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  1. Natalie Morgan

    My name is Natalie I truly enjoy watching this show it’s very exciting and fun competition. I especially enjoyed the episode with the waitresses you gave them hope and encouragement. I’m a matured woman in need of an make over intervention. (Update my look)
    I’m sure I speak for other women my age 50 to 60 age range. Would your producers be interested in an episode such as this , I feel it would be a great challenge for your make-up artist/stylist. Please give it some thought! I live in Temecula California it would be a thrill to appear on your show. I have girlfriends that could appear on the show as well ladies over 50 getting a redo on “America Beauty Star”.
    #don’t forget us ;we’re still sexy

    • June 22, 2024
    • American Beauty Star

      Hi Natalie! Thanks so much for following our show and visiting our website. You raise very good points that have been visited internally. We look forward to creating more content for a mature audience – the idea you suggested for the show is also great! You are certainly not forgotten and still sexy, yes! 🙂

      • June 22, 2024
  2. Michelle Keefe

    I’m with Natalie! It would be great to see women over 50 as models on the show. I’ve always been fascinated with makeup and at 55, I still am! However, transitioning into a “more is less” phase is easier said than done. In addition, hormone changes have completely changed my skin type. I used to have the oiliest skin on the planet. But now it’s normal, with some dry spots. I love a dewy look but can’t seem to achieve it anymore. Saggy eyelids, thinning lips… The list goes on. I used to think I’d be “all-in” with plastic surgery, but I’ve seen too many friends who are over-botoxed and over-filled. AND, some pretty terrible plastic surgery procedures. So, I’d love to see experts using makeup techniques instead of plastic surgery to help those of us of a “certain age” look younger.

    Love the show!!

    • June 22, 2024

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