Revlon Red Lipsticks

12 Revlon Red Lips of Christmas

‘Tis the season to wear Revlon red lips!

Not to be dramatic, but you’re hardly going to have a merry Christmas if you don’t rock Revlon red lips. Finding the perfect red shade for your complexion can be daunting, which is why we rounded up 12 shades that will take you through this season and the next.

Power Move

It’s no question that wearing red is a power move for the girl who dares to do it. That’s why this lip stick shade from Revlon’s Matte is Everything by Super Lustrous Collection is ideal for anyone looking to make a bold statement. We recommend this shade for olive to deeper tones.

Fire & Ice

How to bring the heat and keep it cool at the same time? Wear Fire & Ice. This fire-engine red lipstick shade à la Sandy in the cult classic, Grease. Indeed, this is the red everyone loves which is why we recommend it for all skin tones.

Rich Girl Red 

Winter is coming… and leaving eventually, too. If you’re looking for a versatile hue that will help you transition from day-to-night and season-to-season, opt for this matte shade. We can’t promise that this coral-ish red will increase your wealth, but we can promise it will add a pop of fun to any look you pair it with! We recommend this shade for paler to olive tones.

Limitless Black Cherry

Vamping it up? Not only is this lip color a rich hue that compliments any skin tone, this Colorstay Overtime Lip Color will last up to 16 hours – certainly much longer than the eye contact you will make with your crush at the office holiday party.

Non-Stop Cherry

Is it just us or are holiday season date nights that much cuter? Cute date nights call for cute makeup. Non-Stop Cherry is perfect for those nights you wish would never end. We recommend this shade for olive to deeper tones.

Forever Scarlet

The easiest way to turn heads is with a pop of color. If you’re adding a pop of color in your holiday makeup look, opt for this tomato red conditioning lip color that compliments paler skin tones. Be sure to keep everything else neutral with this fun color and you’ll remain the center of attention.

HD Lava

PSA: chapped lips are neither cute nor trending. Keep your lips fiery and moisturized with HD Lava, a red-orange color that will take you from day-to-night, or in the case of this season, from the office to the office party. We recommend this shade for paler to olive tones.

HD Rhubarb

If you’re going for a look that is flirtier than it is sultry, HD Rhubarb is that girl. Friendly enough to wear to your family Christmas dinner, this Ultra HD Gel Lipcolor is waiting to be paired with your freshest face of makeup yet! We recommend this shade for olive tones.

HD Adobe

You won’t need to photoshop any of your pics when you wear HD Adobe, a rich brick red shade that compliments olive to deeper tones.


If you’re not planning to pig out at your family Christmas dinner, why bother attending, honestly? This cherry red hue from the Colorstay Ultimate Suede Lipstick Collection designed with the multiple plates of food you plan to have in mind. Bon appetit! We recommend this shade for all skin tones.


For days when you want your lips to do the talking, this burgundy-ish lip color will do just that for you. Pair it with strong brows, winged eyeliner, waterproof mascara, and rosy cheeks for a winter-kissed look. We recommend this shade for all skin tones.

Boho Chic

Just in case you missed it, we love a classic red lip for the holidays. Nothing quite says “Happy Holidays” like wearing all the colors, honey! Boho Chic is an all-season chic shade of red that is as powerful as it is understated, perfectly paired with a chic all-black ensemble. We recommend this shade for all skin tones.


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