Meet The Real Life Rapunzel

We first would like to congratulate you on the fact that you’ve managed to grow your hair out a few inches last year—those weekly deep-conditioning treatments and no-heat have really paid off.

But now, this year we challenge you! How long can your hair get? Or better yet how much can it weigh? Ultimate hair inspiration to end all inspiration: Anastasiya Sidorova, a Russian woman,natural red hair is 42 inches long! YUP. YUUUUP. We’re very sorry to upstage your ponytail.

However, Sidorova’s journey to hairdom hasn’t been an easy one. The Sun reports that the 23-year-old was diagnosed five years ago with androgenetic alopecia, a genetic disorder that can cause permanent hair thinning and balding. But after working with a trichologist (i.e. a derm that deal specifically with the scalp and hair), Sidorova has not only become a trichologist herself, but is now able to manage her condition with a specific, routine that includes hair stimulation therapy, hair masks, and a ton of patience and acceptance.

Check out a just a few of our favorite hairspo photos from the 426 pics on Sidorova’s Instagram(@sidorovaanastasiya), and read (or translate) all of her tips and tricks for attempting to also grow knee-length hair. We wish you luck!


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