Which Makeup Remover is Right for You?

Choosing the Best Makeup Remover for Your Skin & Lifestyle

Makeup remover should be your best friend if you love makeup as much as we do! There’s no way you can keep your mug flawless if you’re not taking the right steps to protect your canvas. With so many products on the market it can be hard to know the difference, and, more importantly, which one is right for you. We break down different types of makeup remover to help you decide which is best for your skin.

Makeup Removing Wipes

Makeup wipes are a lazy person’s best friend. It couldn’t be easier – simply grab a wipe and use it to cleanse your face of makeup. That being said, your cleansing routine should not end there. Makeup removing wipes often leave a chemical residue on skin that should absolutely be washed off. To avoid dryness and irritation, follow your makeup remover wipe by at least rinsing your skin with water (double cleansing with a face wash is best). These are best for those with oily skin and a busy schedule!

Cleansing Water

Our editors live for Micellar cleansing water. This makeup remover is gentle and effective. Unlike makeup wipes, cleansing water does not leave behind any residue and can act as – you guessed it – a cleanser! The most amazing part is that while it’s gentle on sensitive skin, it still effectively takes off every last drop of mascara. The gentle and hydrating formula of cleansing waters make them ideal for dry and sensitive skin – although they are suitable for all skin types.

Cold Cream

Cold creams are the OG makeup removers. Odds are that your grandmother used them not only to remove makeup, but as a moisturizer as well. The balanced combination of water and fat in cold creams allow them to both cleanse and soothe the skin with moisturizing benefits. Also, they’re cold to the touch (hence the name…) and feel so refreshing – they can even calm wind chapped lips and skin in the winter months. You’ll be impressed with how effective they are at removing makeup too. If you have dry skin and need an effective, yet nourishing makeup remover, then cold cream is perfect for you.

Cleansing Oils

It may seem like cleansing oils don’t work on oily skin; however, if used correctly cleansing oils are the perfect makeup remover for all skin types. The oils in the cleanser bind with your skin’s natural oils and any dirt on the surface of your skin, extracting them from your pores and easily washing them away. Because they work with the natural oils already produced by your skin, they are suitable for all skin types. Oils are also powerful yet gentle. They can remove anything, even waterproof mascara!

Sometimes all it takes to find the right makeup remover is trying out different kinds and seeing what works best for your skin and lifestyle. The most important thing is that you are removing your makeup and cleansing your skin every day!


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