6 Makeup Mistakes You Probably Make

Now is the Time to Stop Making These Common Makeup Mistakes

Makeup mistakes are so common that even the best makeup artists probably still make them. The beauty of makeup is that you don’t start out knowing everything, it takes time and practice to perfect your art. Pause and reflect on when you didn’t know a thing about contouring. If that’s too horrific to think about, what about when you thought you knew how to fill in your brows properly but they looked like you used a Sharpie to fill them in? The point is that no one is immune to makeup mistakes; the reason for that is because no one is perfect. To prove this, we compiled a list of six common makeup mistakes that everyone makes. Scroll below and brush up on your makeup tips and tricks.

Don’t keep your makeup in the bathroom

The bathroom tends to be a tiny space and if you’re like us, you occasionally take 40 minute, steam-filled showers in that tiny space. It’s a no–brainer that the mist clouding your mirrors will consume everything in its path (not really – but kind of). Humidity dries out your makeup which speeds up its expiration. It’s best to store your makeup at room temperature in a cool, dry place to keep the product fresh and prevent any bacteria from forming.

Stop using waterproof mascara daily

Avoiding mascara smears during the day is the greatest. However, just like anything great, it’s best to go about it in small doses. The waterproof formula–though magical–will dry out and make your lashes brittle if overused. This can result in lash breakage and shortage, which none of us want. During your next Sephora trip, purchase two mascaras: one that is waterproof and one that’s not. Hold on to the waterproof one for a special occasion such as your best friend’s wedding. Yeah, we just gave you an excuse to buy more makeup, you’re welcome.

Quit lining the outer edge of your lips with lip liner 

The name itself can be contradicting but lip liner is not meant to go on the outer edge of your lips. Put the liner on the inner edge then use it to fill in the rest of the lip–leaving only the center visible. This creates an appearance of fuller lips and works as a great base for lip gloss or lipstick too.

Not dampening your beauty blender 

Sponges need water to work effectively and a beauty blender is no exception! Dampen (read dampen; not soak) the sponge with water so that it absorbs less of the product. Trust us, this is a good thing. It will train you to use your makeup more wisely. The water also stops the makeup from seeping too deeply into the sponge and prevents mold growth.

Try to not match your foundation to the back of your hand 

Finding the right foundation to match your skin tone is a such a struggle. Your hands tend to see more of the sun than the rest of your body, so imagine why matching your foundation to it can be problematic. Your hand color is different from your facial skin tone, and you’re probably not planning on wearing foundation on your hands anyway. To avoid creating a color-block look between your face and neck, test the shade of foundation on your jawline or neck. This will give you a close-to-perfect match.

Avoid curling your lashes after mascara

Eyelash curlers already have a bad rap – the pinch of death is real but they’re actually friends not foes (if used properly). Curl your lashes before using mascara. If you wait until after you apply mascara, your lashes get dried up which can lead to breakage and unnatural creases. To create natural looking lashes, curl beforehand.

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