8 Ways To Save Your Skin This Summer

Summer is right around the corner, and we could not be more excited! Summertime is the perfect excuse to really lay back and relax- whether it be by the pool, the beach, or the computer in your office, the summer sun will be out and ready to give you some rays. With that in mind, it’s very important to care for your skin properly. Below are 8 ways to truly treat your skin with the utmost respect that it deserves!

Let’s Begin!

 1) Sunscreen

I give to you, the ONE and ONLY SUNSCREEN! Sunscreen has always been the most common method for caring for your skin when those UV rays are beating down on you. It is quite simple to apply, and goes such a long way! Also, when you smell the coconut scent of Hawaiian Tropic’s sunscreen, it gives you an extra reason to lather yourself in it. For only $7.50, you can fight against those damaging sun rays!


2) Moisturizer

Now that the harsh Winter has probably left your skin feeling dry, CeraVe is here to save the day! Their moisturizing cream hydrates your skin and makes it very smooth! Of course it’s important to moisturize all the time, but it’s especially crucial during the summer when you’ve been hanging out in the sun and heat all day. This tub of CeraVe moisturizer will last a long time, so it’s definitely worth the $11.47!

3) Water

Really though, what can’t water do?! We are mostly composed of water and so is our skin. Since we need to keep hydrated to survive, it only makes sense that our skin does too! So do yourself a favor, and drink up. You’ll be amazed with the skin improvements good old H2O can provide. Water flushes out impurities and toxins AND it plumps skin cells which reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Yes please!

4) Makeup With SPF

Hey, we get it…it’s difficult to wear makeup and sunscreen together. Luckily, Laura Mercier gets it too! This brand, along with plenty of others, carries tinted makeup moisturizers that contain SPF to protect your skin. This is literally a 3-in-1 product… it’s a moisturizer, sunscreen and foundation! How awesome is that?! This way, you can lay out on the beach confidently, knowing you’re protected.

5) Vitamins

Taking your daily vitamins is extremely important. You need a certain amount of each vitamin. While the summer sun will give you plenty of vitamin D, biotin will give you plenty of vitamin B! This amazing vitamin will give your hair, nails, AND skin an extra boost of strength, and it repairs hair as well. For only $14.20, biotin will benefit you a whole lot!

6) Exfoliating Face Wash

This face wash is fantastic! It is super gentle and dermatologist approved. If you have sensitive skin, this product is calling your name! After washing your skin with this, you will never feel so fresh-faced. It’s important to exfoliate during the summer to get rid of dead skin and dirt that might accumulate throughout a beach (or pool) day. You can get this exfoliating cleanser on sale for $7.78!

7) Aloe

Did you forget your sunscreen? Oh no! We have all been there. Sometimes we think the sun can’t hurt us, but in the end those powerful UV rays alway win. Hey, you live and you learn. In the meanwhile though, do yourself a solid and rub some aloe on your burns. Aloe vera is a plant that reduces inflammation and is very healing. Within a few days you won’t be as red as a lobster anymore, but instead as good as new! Aloe is also cooling, so it will give you some much-needed relief. Trust us, for $7.64, it’s so worth it.

8) Tan-Boosting Lotion

Now, if you’re sensitive to the sun, and you’re just so sick of facing burned skin every time you step outside, there are other methods you can use to get a summer glow. Jergens is a very popular and great lotion that gives your skin a glowing, tanned pigment, while also keeping it hydrated! It is a color tinted moisturizer that comes in many different shades. You just rub it all over the areas you want tanned, and voila! You now have a gorgeous, sunless tan. Plus, it’s far less expensive than a spray tan. This lotion is a steal at just $8.21.


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