Foods That Will Actually Make You More Beautiful

Ever wondered why people say beauty is only skin deep, when the truth is that what we are what we eat? Unfortunately, foundation and concealer can’t cover everything, beauties. Health is vital when it comes to looking your best and here are some foods that will have you looking and feeling your best at all times.

Green Tea

Green tea is the holy frail of beauty drinks.  This tea is loaded with antioxidants which fight all of the free radicals (damaged cells responsible for wrinkles and even cancer) floating around in our bodies. You can even use the tea bags as a quick spa treatment after your done drinking it. Once they have cooled off, place 1 on each eye for a quick spa treatment. Its antioxidants actually correct skin color and reduce swelling.


Another beauty must our cranberries! Not only is this super fruit great if you want to attain long and lustrous hair, but they even fight against teeth and tongue which makes for an even brighter smile.

Wheat Bread

Who knew bread could actually be good for you? The selenium present in whole wheat bread does amazing things for your skin causing it to be nourished. Plus, the antioxidant properties in the bread help protect your skin from UV rays.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Next up is the infamous ACV! Honestly, it takes a while to get over the smell, but once you do the benefits are endless! This vinegar is well know for non only detoxifying the body, but also preventing acne, ridding your hair of dandruff and soothing sunburn just to name a few of them.


Next time you’re whipping up your granola in the morning, toss in a few blueberries to really make your skin glow. Blueberries are high in both vitamins C and E which make these fruits full of antioxidants.Both vitamins work together to not only brighten tired-looking skin, but also prevent redness and uneven skin tones.


If you’ve been feeling low on energy, try eating open a banana. Rich in vitamin B6, potassium, and folic acid, these fruits improve blood flow to your brain, so not only will you be quick-witted, but also you’ll feel happier! Bananas can also give you softer, smoother skin.


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