Go Glam With These 4 Glitter Lip Kits

Global makeup artist Pat McGrath blindsided the fashion and beauty world when she sent Versace models down the runway donning glittery lips and sparked a new trend of glitter lip kits. This started a new wave of cosmetics companies pushing glitter lip kits. If you’re over matte, velvety, or even glossy lips, consider adding an extra touch of sparkle to your NYE look with these affordable lip kits designed with your shine in mind. 

Stay Golden CosmeticsGlitz Glitter Lip Kit

All that glitters, stay golden. The emerging online retailer whose glitter lip kits have gone viral prove that! In describing their Glitz kit, they ask you to imagine a “candy land world filled with unicorns”. This color is the perfect conversation piece – how did you get your lips to look like that?”. Love what you see? Get ready to start a conversation and stock up as they sell out quickly!

Beauty BlvdGlitter Lips

Available in 19 colors, Beauty Blvd. created glitter lip kits for girls who want to dance the night away and sip champagne without having to retouch! With 25 applications per kit, you can party assured that your lips will sparkle for every special occasion you plan to have in the New Year!

Hax Glitter Lip Kit  

Available exclusively through popular online retailer, ASOS, Hax offers a standard four-piece glitter lip kit that comes with lip gloss, lip glitter, lip color, and an applicator. They took the ergonomic route and combined a few products together for one trendy offering. We love options and a company that’s willing to do whatever they must to show they get it!

Cailyn Cosmetics Matte to Glitter Lip Trio

Available in just three shades: Perfect Nude, Lilac Purple, and Power Red, Cailyn Cosmetics offers the best of both worlds. If you love matte lips, you will love this glitter lip kit! Their models wear a matte color on their top lips and a matching glitter version on their bottom lips. Their three color options work for all skin tones, season in and out! Seriously, if you haven’t worn a nude lip year round are you really a makeup junkie?! 

If you plan to shine it up this holiday season and try out any of our suggestions, tag us in your cute Instagram (@americanbeautystar) pics – we’d love to see and repost them!


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