From the ‘Hood, to the Hills!

LA-based Celebrity Hair Stylist, Robear Landeros, Talks the Business of Hair 

Robear Landeros is from the ‘hood, Compton (to be exact), and he isn’t afraid to let you know that! Many young men and women aspire to make it out of the ‘hood to do things that oftentimes seem impossible. In his interview with Asha Dahya, Robear Landeros does not skip the details and gives all the advice you didn’t know you needed on how to succeed in this business. Don’t quite know how to distinguish among different hair textures? Robear sorts that out for you. What can you do to make your wig look as natural as possible? Robear also sorts you out with that. If you’re looking to hear from someone who is not only successful – Kat Graham is his muse – but down-to-earth and kinda funny, let’s have a kiki!


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