Kim Kardashian-West wears rust colored snake print dress by Manfried Thierry Mugler.

Kim Kardashian Covered Vogue, So What?

Kim Kardashian Haters Camp Out in Vogue’s Instagram Comment Section

Kim Kardashian-West is the cover star of Vogue‘s May 2019 cover. Get over it. As you may expect, many fashion “purists” are outraged by the decision, although I can’t understand why. Not only has Kim transcended a reality TV show, but she is a fashion girl whether or not you like her. Fast-fashion retailers such as: Missguided, Pretty Little Thing, and Fashion Nova build their product mixes off what she wears. That in mind, you’d think people would be a little nicer when sharing their thoughts on Kim Kardashian, right? Wrong! Scouring the comments section of her social media, I often find myself asking: where’s your filter? Who asked you for this hot take? On any given day, her comments section are littered with unsolicited opinions; it’s a wonder she hasn’t disabled them. 


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I’m just reflecting on the last few months and had to post this again 😝 @voguemagazine

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It’s Just My Opinion

As mentioned, the queen of selfies and filters landed her first solo cover of Vogue magazine and people are outraged! Vogue promoted her cover on their Instagram account and, well, the comment sections were a movie! Some of the comments included: “Ugh, why. There are so many other interesting women to feature. This feels like a very lazy choice.”; “stop making stupid people famous. Anna, step down”; “I’m sitting here staring at my ACTUAL Law Degree… thinking… what??? I could have purchased this? What a confusing world! Maybe I should go do “surgery” tomorrow.” Long story short, people believe that Kim Kardashian-West is irrelevant, has not worked hard for anything in her life, and doesn’t deserve anything “good” to happen for her because… I don’t know… just because.


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@kimkardashian’s sprawling family home in Hidden Hills, California is a cathedral of warm, Belgian minimalism, designed by @axelvervoordt. Enormous is the coin of the realm here, everything designed on the scale of more. There is a staff kitchen—where the family inevitably winds up spending most of their time together—and a show kitchen, with an island as big as a dance floor and a breakfast nook that comfortably seats 20. It is an astonishment of clean, clear surfaces, nary a pot nor pan in sight. There is a grand center hall, and because the floors, walls, and ceilings are finished in the same color and texture (a kind of bone plaster), it messes with your perspective, like you might just have to walk all the way to infinity. @kimkardashian’s bedroom is the size of an airplane hangar. The adjoining bathroom offers a shower big enough for a basketball team and a wall of glass that looks out into a kind of junglescape—you half expect an orca to swim up to the glass. In a house that is nearly devoid of stuff, at long last we come upon something that sparks . . . not joy exactly: a pile of big, fat books—on tort law. Just when you think you’ve kinda sorta maybe figured out who this unusual creature is, think again: Kim Kardashian West is studying to become a lawyer. Tap the link in our bio to read the full interview. Photographed by @mikaeljansson, styled by @tonnegood, written by @jonathanvanmeter, Vogue, May 2019.

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Before you spew venom in our comments section, mindlessly, remember, this is “just my opinion”, too. You see, Kim Kardashian isn’t the only person on the Internet subject to vitriolic comments from strangers – hoards of people are! And that’s the problem. There is a misguided belief that fame removes a person’s humanity. In fact, people feel so strongly about this that they blame the victim of cyber-bullying for their behavior – “this is what she signed up for!” Delusional much? 

As part of her cover with Vogue, KKW filmed 73 Questions, a segment where we got to see her, Kanye, and their cute kids at home doing what they seem to be great at – loving each other freely. The interviewer asked her, “what do you think you’ll be remembered for, Kim?” She replied, “um… for my many talents.” As someone who is undoubtedly on her way to billionaire status, you may not expect her to hesitate when answering that question. I guess when people constantly remind you about a sex tape that is almost two decades old; the many men you dated, and your personal decision to enhance your appearance cosmetically, hesitation should be expected. Imagine a woman who seems to have the word at her disposal still feeling discomfort about what she offers the world because people just won’t let her be. 

I think about the droves of women commonly referred to as “Instagram models” or “thots” who are subject to similar scrutiny. If they happen to be shaped like hourglasses and flaunt it, their comment sections reek of comparison. Things get worse if they forward to the islands [no spray tan] and post about it. You will read everything from “I’m tired of these build-a-bodies”, “tag your sponsor”, “I bet she is homeless”, etc. Not only is it wild that people are comfortable behaving this way [publicly], it’s comical that a lot of these same people post inspirational posts and captions on their personal profiles. Let’s talk hypocrisy, folks!

Do you remember the time?

Comment below if I’m wrong, but I can’t recall a time where KKW has said something so vile that I was left wondering, where’s your filter, sis? While millions are complaining about women using filter apps like FaceTune, FaceApp, and Lightroom to enhance their images, I’m over here wondering where is the real life filter app? As in, why hasn’t Elon Musk or some other genius created a device that lets us filter people who simply don’t know what or how to say things in a constructive, kind manner?

The bottom line is simple and will not cost you a penny: drink water, mind your business, and be more transparent with your intentions. I think it’s easier to say you’re jealous of someone than to hide behind the “it’s just my opinion” veil. More is more, but that less? It is a talent (that KKW has mastered, by the way) that will take you much farther than beating your gums in a stranger’s comments section ever will, weirdo.

Reminder: if something or someone bothers you, you don’t have to follow anything they do. It’s really simple. Try the block and mute features sometimes. They work.


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