Just in Time for Summer, KKW Body is Finally Here

KKW Body Might be the Best Beauty Secret Kim’s Ever Shared

On the first day of Summer 2019, Kim Kardashian-West launched her biggest beauty secret yet – KKW Body. The digital media maven, fashion and beauty icon, and business mogul is poised to change the beauty industry with her latest drop. In less than an hour, girls and guys who avoid exposing their legs or arms due to insecurities about flaws may now have the solution they’ve all been searching for!

Cashing in on insecurities

Let’s be clear: KKW Body isn’t just another opportunity for the head Kardashian-in-Charge to cash-in on her vanity. Yes, looking good is good business as we always say, but this is more than that. There are people with skin conditions who actually want to cover their imperfections and don’t want to be policed for it. Yes, people should be allowed to do whatever brings them joy even if you don’t personally agree or approve of it. Yes, telling someone that they should simply “love themselves” is a toxic thing to say to someone who is clearly uncomfortable with what they’re experiencing.

The question is: if consider body makeup to be an exploitation of people’s insecurities, then what is makeup, generally? 

Once again, don’t make assumptions about why people do the things they do and let people enjoy things.

It’s been done already

Conversely, we know that KKW Body is not the first line of its kind. Pageant girls and guys, people with vitiligo, drag queens, etc. have been using Dermablend and Covertone for ages now. Other cosmetic lines have their versions of body makeup as well, so yes, this isn’t new. If it turns out that Kim’s product is “better” than her competitors’, then that’s simply more power to her and the consumers who demand this kind of product.


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Kim, who has psoriasis, has been open about her struggles and insecurities with the chronic skin condition. In a post promoting KKW Body, Kim said this about her condition: “I’ve learned to live with and not be insecure of my psoriasis, but for days when I just want to cover it up I use this body makeup.


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Something for everyone

While on vacation, Kim demonstrated the product on her olive complected personal trainer, Melissa Alcantara, who has varicose veins and hyper-pigmentation about her legs. To achieve the perfect match for Mel’s complexion, Kim mixed two foundations. This is not quite unlike what your favorite beauty influencer does to achieve a flawless base.

The eagerly anticipated line features body foundation, shimmers, loose shimmer powders, and a body brush. The foundation is available in seven tones, from fair to deep dark. As demonstrated in a few of her tutorials, the foundations can be mixed to achieve the right color match for your complexion. Perhaps what excites people most about these products is that they’re transfer-free and waterproof! That means you won’t have to worry about leaving a trail of foundation behind you everywhere you go. 

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Will you be purchasing KKW Body products?



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