Show-Stopping Editorial Looks

The American Beauty Star Finalists didn’t hold back.

Viewers had an entire week to vote for the American Beauty Star winner, and the finalists brought their A-game to the live season finale. Diana, Axel and Lucy each pushed their limits to create extravagant editorial looks. It was the last time to impress the judges, so all three artists did not hold back. Check out the final looks below, and let us know which one is your favorite!

Finalist: Lucy Garland

Lucy Garland impressed the judges, Ashley, and viewers all season long. She was inspired by the beauty of the sky to create this final look. Her unique style has made a lasting impression, and Lucy is ready to take the beauty industry head on. Stay in touch with Lucy on Instagram and YouTube.

Special thanks to: The Living Art of Armando

Finalist: Axel Vasquez

They say consistency is key, but true artist is constantly evolving. Axel grew as an artist and we saw his craft improve throughout the season. Axel created this look to honor one of his inspirations, Prince. The season may be over, but Axel is just getting started. You can keep up with him on Instagram, and be sure to check out his makeup academy.

Special thanks to: Gregory R. Michael Arbiter Elegantiarum


Finalist: Diana Osorio

Diana brought incredible talent and heart to the competition this season. As a dancer, makeup artist, and hairstylist, she’s a triple threat! Diana went all out in creating her last look in the season finale. This certainly won’t be the last you see of Diana. Keep in touch with her on Instagram, and be sure to check her out at the MDN Latin Dance School!

Special thanks to: Jeri Thompson and Laura Frecon

All jewelry used in the final looks were provided by JTV. Click here to learn about the Revlon products the artists use to create their final looks.


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