The Best Hair Extension Brand in the Industry

Looking for the perfect hair extensions? Look no further. Global hair extension brand SHE has the best quality hair in the market. Their hair, combined with the education provided to SHE stylists, have set the industry standard. SHE hair extensions have the power to completely change your look and their before and after photos speak for themselves…


If you want beautiful extensions without harsh chemicals or a long-term commitment, check out SHE’s easy to use clip-in extensions. Made with human hair, these are the perfect substitute for bonded extensions.

For bonded extensions, SHE has the best product selection. You can order gorgeous human hair extensions with lace closures for a naturally glamorous appearance. Bring the hair to your nearest SHE-educated stylist to completely transform your look.

 Scared of committing to bangs? Avoid the scissors by using SHE’s clip-in bang extensions. These temporary bangs are perfect for changing up your look without making any permanent decisions.

Click here to get a behind the scenes look at how American Beauty Star Season 1 contestant Corey styled his SHE wig on set.


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