How To Pick The Right Ardell Lashes


No beauty look is complete without gorgeous lashes and here at American Beauty Star, we turn to Ardell to get the lashes of our dreams. With tons of styles to choose from, everyone can find their perfect lash look.

For The Natural Look

For a natural, everyday lash look, try their Fairies Black lashes. Featuring a lightweight, invisible band connecting the hairs, these lashes are knotted and feathered by hand to create an extremely natural look.


For The Glamorous Look

If glamorous lashes are more your style, check out Ardell’s 134 Black lashes. One of their most popular styles, the 134 Black lashes are comfortable and reusable. They’re made from human hair making them super glamorous but still natural looking.


For The Newbies

New to using false lashes? Ardell has you covered. Their Natural Lashes Starter Kit in Babies Black is perfect for first-time users. The kit contains lashes, adhesive and an applicator. Check out their YouTube tutorial to learn how to perfectly apply your falsies.


How To Apply

Along with every lash product you’ll ever need, Ardell has products and tools to get your eyebrows on fleek. We’re obsessed with the Complete Brow Grooming Kit. The kit includes a Trim and Shape razor for above and in between the brows, a Precision Shaper for perfecting your arch, a Brow Comb/Brush, and a Brow Grooming Pencil to keep your brows set in place. They also provide complete instructions on how to use everything in the kit.

Check out how Thyme the Infamous from Season 1 of American Beauty Star applies Ardell lashes here.


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