What We Learned From Snoop Dogg At BeautyCon LA

The American Beauty Star digital team attended BeautyCon LA this past weekend! We were amazed by all the gorgeous hair and makeup looks we saw, as well as what we learned from the various panelists. The lineup was ah-mazing, with huge names in beauty from Laura Lee to Drew Barrymore and Kim Kardashian. One panelist we were somewhat surprised to see was none other than legendary rapper, Snoop Dogg!

Snoop attended BeautyCon for his panel titled, “Immaculate Hair Game” and we are SO happy we didn’t miss it. Not only did he spontaneously perform a few lines of select songs, including Young Wild & Free but he also took us through the evolution of his hair throughout his long career. Here are just some of the nuggets of knowledge Snoop taught us that are just too good to keep to ourselves…

He’s tried a lot of different styles

Snoop has rocked many different hairstyles throughout the years, including locs, an afro, pig tails, braids with beads, jerry curls, and more. You name it, he’s probably done it.

He loves rocking an afro

When asked which hairstyle is his favorite, Snoop explained that he loves rocking his afro. He’s worked with the same hairstylist, Tasha, for basically his whole career. She’s helped him grow out his hair and together the two decide on what style Snoop will go with.

He wants to pay respect to people who have paved the way

Snoop humbly recognized that his various hairstyles have an impact on his fans and the public. He was quick to mention that he’s not the first person to pull off these hairstyles though. He said he wants to “pay tribute to R&B artists from the ’80s […] show some love and pay respect to people who did it before me, Stevie Wonder, and Rick James.” He said that there were so many people before him that inspired him to try new styles and put more effort into his hair.

He didn’t always have such a great relationship with his hair

Snoop said that he “misunderstood” his hair for a long time. Back in 2010 Snoop began to rock locs. He said he was growing it out and explained, “It was lost. But as you see, it came to life. It came back together.”

He keeps his edges on point

Snoop taught us that the best scarf to wrap your hair in is a silk or satin scarf. Wear it to sleep so that you can keep your edges laid. He says he’ll wear a silk or satin hair wrap and he ties it from back to front.

Pro tip: no matter what type of hair you have, sleeping in a satin or silk hair wrap or scarf is extremely beneficial…it helps prevent breakage and frizz. If you can’t afford silk pillowcases, then head scarves are a great alternative to protect your hair while you sleep.

Your hair is part of your superhero costume

The importance of hair in the entertainment industry is certainly not lost. Snoop said that no matter what area of the entertainment industry you’re part of, whether you’re an athlete, musician, actor, anything, your hair is part of your uniform. He explained that his hair is his favorite and best accessory and it must be on point.

We didn’t expect to learn so much about hair from Snoop Dogg, but boy are we glad we did! Thanks Snoop!


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