Tips & Tricks For Growing Your Hair Out After A Bad Haircut

It always feels like the end of the world when you walk into a salon expecting to come out of that chair looking like Rapunzel, but are left with a pixie cut instead. You finally made an appointment to get a  trim after weeks of putting it off, and you’re only expecting to get your dead ends chopped off. However, having a “scissor happy” hairstylist is a real thing, and before you know it, you went from having 10 inches of hair to 5. Don’t worry, we have all been in this position before. For those of you that just went through this- don’t panic, because we are here to help! There are plenty of factors that can contribute to aiding in hair growth. If you follow these tips and tricks your hair will be the longest and healthiest it’s ever been in no time.

Foods That Help

Who knew that specific foods could make your hair grow? Well, now you do! The more nutrients you’re lacking, the longer it’ll take for your hair to grow back. So, if you add more foods high in vitamins, iron, biotin, and protein to your diet you can say hello to faster hair growth! Some examples of foods that fit this category include: berries, eggs, spinach, fatty fishes, seeds, avocado, nuts, seeds, and the list could go on.

Take Your Vitamins

If you happen to dislike most of the foods listed above, you can just take the actual vitamins instead. Biotin vitamins are especially known to strengthen both hair and nails – consider it a 2-for-one! Basically, every part of your body works together. So, if you treat your body right you’ll see the results you want.

Don’t Wash Your Hair As Often

The last thing you want to do is strip your hair of its natural oils and dry it out. You should avoid washing your hair everyday, especially if you are trying to grow it out. Your hair needs it’s essential oils and just a general break from being tampered with so often. Dry hair is a huge no no. Therefore, try to only wash yours every other day or, if you can wait, every three days is even better! Also, look for shampoos and conditioners that are made for hair growth – you’ll want to avoid formulas that list harsh sulfates and parabens as ingredients. If you have the patience, you’ll see that after reducing the frequency of washing, your hair will actually become shinier, longer and less greasy.

Say No To Heat

As you’ve probably already heard, using heated tools to style your hair is extremely damaging, so you should try to limit the amount of heat you use so your hair can grow long and strong! To avoid both drying out your hair as well as creating unwanted dead ends, if you must use hot tools you should at least apply a heat protectant spray or product on your hair. Also, since the sun is a form of heat and those UV rays can do some serious damage, make sure you put a protectant on your hair when going outside too!

Try To De-Stress

Did you know that your emotional stress actually affects your body physically? It does, and you want to avoid stressing out your hair follicles! When you are super stressed out, this triggers hair to fall out early and to even turn gray at times. Hence why people joke saying, “you’re giving me gray hair.” There are plenty of coping methods that you can use to minimize your stress. Some of our favorites include: meditation, yoga, exercise, taking deep breaths, writing, etc. Allow us to reiterate – if you treat your body right you’ll see the results you want.

Get Enough Sleep 

Your body repairs itself and releases growth hormones while you’re asleep. So, it makes sense that if you’re not getting enough sleep, those growth hormones cannot replenish themselves and do their job properly. Also, protein synthesis of your hair takes place while you’re sleeping, proving how important it is that you catch the proper amount of z’s.


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